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(Direction is changed) the video game range from of the runner Wiki of Homestar jumps from sbemail94: The watch of the E-mail #94 whose operation and investigation are bad strongly? Troop betting? As for this article it is attached to strongly bad E-mail. Concerning the list of the game of the runner of all Homestar, look at the game. "As for technology of day my high-level thinking." Aylor R. and what kind of it forces and bad state like the video game it would like to know whether it is, you catch. As for forcing bad state he oh explains that it is influenced high to some system. Casting ones (in order of appearance): The person and the rhinoceros of state and the 3-D shield which forcing bad state and Atari force strong bad state and, are bad the place where direction is changed: Computer room computer: Compy 386 date: Monday, 2004 January 12th running time: Title of 3:04 pages: Compy 386! ! DVD: Strongbad_email.exe disk 3 contents [ hide ] of 1 copy 2 the reference of the attention 3.4 3.5 substantial worlds of small thing 3.3 of explanation 3.2 of pleasure fact 3.1 Easter of copy 4.2 of 3.6 four DVD edition 4.1 criticisms external link pleasure five of fact you fail 3 of eggs first fast, [ compile ] the copy it is strong, bad state: E-mail seems like the jail. The wall... and the jail where the washroom has been attached. {Book-reading} just a little it forces and it thinks in some doubt where bad state, I seem like the fair video game, like the thing, is. The empty, AZ of Creek {as for state Taylor R. Queen whose Strong is bad "as Alcatraz" AZ ". Bad when "it is read} to force: Whoa. Inside {as for someone of the head of the vibration} something which is I like the video game, Taylor {type} it comes out directly? It is good, the everything of that is influenced have expressed in what kind of system we. The way when... it is in 1 unit of machine where that those really is old, {being assigned in the black screen, rectangle of green of the sky ardently the mouth to the game of Atari 2600 style. Forcing bad state: {Voiceover} Perhaps... graphics is visible like me only just a little. A state which {with the way forces the square whose A is red and is bad. Bad when it is displayed} to force: {Voiceover} And I move everything around the perplexity of Futurism, {as for square in order to appear. Bad when the screen and it gets going block of the green which is and around the blue incandescence barrier} to force: {Voiceover} - The fact that nothing like me see is gathered. The same size as the square of a state which {forces the square A yellow in the center of perplexity and is bad. Bad when it appears} to force: {} The person of voiceover expresses and starts and is that the just you are surprised rather! {Red square it gets near to yellow square, with that "it touches and" gathers that. Word "secret it gets together! Appear "with the screen. In Compy 386. Reduce} to force, bad state: {Type} Ooh! Ooh! In addition as for me it can designate to be as one of those 3-D vector games. {Ardently the mouth to the screen of the aforementioned game. End of the passage of the wall is drawn the contour with red. As for a certain portable arrow in wall. Bad when it appears on whichever side} to force: {Voiceover} And 3-D edition ' this of my head floatin the just you are surprised, enormous, it should there, is. When {it forces A with the screen and vectorized which appears} forces the edition of the head of bad state and is bad: {Voiceover} The way, the fact that you see and as for the girl of the just and therefore you are surprised you make perhaps with the screen is tried, {as for the lip of the lipstick with the screen. Bad when it appears} to force: {Voiceover} And we the way must program that because it is,: When vector it forces and is bad: When back section that it leaves speaks the baby, {word to appear simultaneously with the screen, and descend, and. Bad when it goes out} to force: {Voiceover} Or at this 1, the player... does not control me {Compy which shakes the camera is strong, when the mouth} it forces to bad state ardently and is bad: ' CUZ! I cannot be controlled! {In reduction vector game. When} it forces and is bad: {Voiceover} Instead, the person of the 3-D shield which has the shield... just a little is, {the generality of A which has the shield the person who is seen appears most under the screen. When} ' it forces and is bad: {Voiceover} The person of the 3-D cyber shield which is taken the lead spikey has the cyber shield of a certain kind.... {Appropriate modification is done, therefore as for the person of the shield now it has the possession thing stripe, "the cyber shield. When you have taken the lead "spikey,} force and are bad: {Voiceover} And my complicated 3-D geometric attack must be obstructed, or face the 3-D destiny which is! {Vector it forces and bad state spits from the rhombus which the person of the cyber shield obstructs. Forcing brim of bad state difference? . " . If it does and changes shape direction, as for this one as for that it explodes on the surface in the carrier of the cyber shield of depending. It hits} vector to force, bad state: Your head A SPLODE {for the second time, word with the screen. Bad when it appears} to force: {Voiceover} Naturally, a certain problem which uses the translation which is bad there you express and start and are. {In reduction Compy 386. When} it forces and is bad: {Type} with one side, perhaps it is cool because there is one of the venture which it has made be based by those texts. For those intellectual people of a better imagination, you have known. Ardently the mouth to the black screen where {the arrow of green above has been attached. When} it forces and is bad: {Voiceover} The way... it is, {the book-reading text} yeself of the discovery of Ye of the yon underground prison. As for Ye the clear exit of the flask north and south, and looks at that it is Dennis. Deau of thou of some wouldst? {Strong is bad a state where the last sentence. You don't say?} Forcing bad state: {Voiceover} And they seem all ways... profit do a state where flaskSTRONG of ye which is bad: {Voiceover} And you say, flask of ye! It cannot obtain a state where STRONG is bad: {Voiceover} And it sits down there, why cannot obtain the flask of ye exactly with the earth you must imagine,! Saying being game certainly not to go. {The screen "me has not done the fact that certainly thou is said with this. Bad when "it is added} to force: {Voiceover} And helps the valuable graphics which both serving! {It adds the screen with this, "graphics and shmaphics. "And at rear several seconds,". . Because of sooth! "In computer. Reduce} to force, bad state: But {type} person of Ohio state. The best thing is because I do that like the ton of migs and MEGS of memory when it is in one of the game of of the extremeness photorealistic where, those which are taken exactly are brand-new. {Ardently the mouth to the blue screen. Forcing as for 16 bit edition of bad state. Bad when it appears} to force: {Voiceover} I extremeness am cool, with the runnin ' grass, see perhaps. {As for the background vis-a-vis the blue sky in 16 bit field. Bad when it changes} to force: Like the place where it is proper there {voiceover} UM... the rhinoceros over there, excessively. {The rhinoceros of A to fall from the sky, as for music. When it starts playing} it forces and is bad: {Voiceover} The hungry rhinoceros of A! {It appears before the rhinoceros, slurps the food ball of A and cries, jumps, and starts turning red. Forcing as for bad state. Bad when it is moved} to force: {Voiceover} And I... do to give become in him, me it presumes thing. Is classified "the food" appears {with the box of A. Forcing bad state has that in the ball of the rhinoceros, to become quiet, the food. Bad when it is eaten} to force: {Voiceover} And, umm... snake? {The snake sounds plunk, goes back and forth to the top and bottom of the screen. The rhinoceros fills up. In Compy 386. Reduce} to force, bad state: If {type} it goes so well, the fact that you think high-level in me you catch the technology of day, therefore as for woman everyone it is possible to start making with their TV screens. {It forces and bad state stops the fact that it types; He continues to speak him with simultaneously} the forcing which it turns bad state: Up to the following time because of you, Taylor, this, and compatriot everyone could being sent on the river. {As for him on floor that cool one. Applies} {the paper comes. After approximately 5 seconds, as for 4 games in box. Appears} [ does to compile ] StrongBadZone, RhinoFeeder, Thy Dungeonman, and as for the Easter egg which secret hugely the dust sounds the image whose each box which gives the box is closer and (the ジヤバ script becomes possible) gathers the popup of the game itself. [ Do to compile ] to bring phrase, either one enjoys high and fact [ compiles ] explanation concerning the translation whose StrongBadZone is bad to us is strong, the bad translation where declaration of bad state Japan is an everywhere of the game of the NES times which were made, it was from the wing of arcade game zero, "reference to reputation of all your bases being worst belongs," it is. Forcing bad state "saying migs and MEGS of memory when," he has expressed megabyte of computer memory. When being strong, bad state misunderstands Alcatraz and Arizona, says "... someone inside, he (1963) the island of Alcatraz which in the use ever since the famous jail is not really has expressed Whoa". As for secret you can play the feed gear of the rhinoceros with extreme FunMachine, but you can play it gets together with FunMachine. Name of these systems the truth to NES and extreme NES is reference and each one which seem. However, jump of quality of the graphics which is during 2 game referring to many Atari 2600 and the successor, Atari is to advance of graphics between 5200 and 7800. [ Compiles ] small thing reads the label "bio threat" of the disk of the container of the floppy disk. First it is possible to do 4 games, those by the dust sounding hugely in the edge of E-mail. This changed it meaning that those are easy to procure now from the game menu of the scrolling shooter. It seems the way and a state which the game of the text which this E-mail he drew up it forces directly is bad before and from that Tandy in place of that Compy that being to throwing. [ Compile ] "! The fact that "I cannot be controlled is forced and bad state when says, you become aware and as for him it is possible still to change the contrast of the camera and the computer, it shakes. The game of StrongBadZone includes, "from the baby separated the back section! When "the seeking stick or you played with Nintendo Wii, however just it is easy to procure, order. It was because this E-mail of forcing bad state approximately is in the video game, it was supposed, but as for Thy Dungeonman at all him completely there is no relationship. Forcing bad state mispronounces "your word" ye "cannot obtain the flask of ye! "" Ye "when being used, as the article" it is pronounced securely as. "It forces and as for bad state in order for he of the feed gear and secret of the rhinoceros to get together, however he cannot be controlled, it plays, you express. In addition profit, the challenge '91 the fact that you play, and is forced and as he of the game which the egg is thrown treat Snatcha of bad state is extracted. [ Compile ] the forcing which you fail Oops where bad state pours the beverage because Taylor! As for When however from last E-mail in remainder of E-mail discernibly, the remainder can see everything of the dust. When being strong, bad state E-mail, after reading on cover text description above, removes the screen because of one frame. When being strong, as for bad state! "Being not to be able to control me," it shakes the camera after the speech, if you look at on Compy closely, it can look at the shade carving/moment where the top of that is thin. [ Compile ] reference of the substantial world it is strong, introduction of bad state is before this E-mail of the reference and the week to the book of the peat rose was released "my jail which does not have the stick," perhaps. The graphics of StrongBadZone used vector graphics seems like red warning closely, it resembles to the game of in fact boy. The in fact boy used only black or three color tones of red. Look at the criticism of DVD next concerning the plural other titles to which roughness of the sibling compares that. Forcing bad state when in the edge applying cool one in the carpet, today of the thing which "pours 40 ounce beer for homies where I who am die reference to the practice of gangsta. "[ Does to compile ] fast front StrongBadZone becomes the page feature of the vector graphics which resembles to 21 arcade game BattleZone in the principal page. Phrase is used with "Splode" several times later. The flask of Ye appeared with Thy Dungeonman and Thy Dungeonman II for the second time, the text of the game Thy Dungeonman 3, those added the graphics for Thy Dungeonman 3 to saying "graphics shmaphics". [ Compile ] 4 games DVD edition clearly it is not possible to do. In addition, either the game box does not rise automatically. However, you must access those with the strongly bad idea contest where the Compy 386 screen it was hidden. Because of DVD, the Easter egg has become from the sample of music from each game one after another. After the paper comes, it continues to pour strongly bad cold 1. DVD edition designates the criticism of the originator who is hidden as the feature. While seeing, in order to access that, convert the audio language selection of your DVD player. [ Compile ] the copy of criticism (criticism: Itinerant merchant of mat and itinerant merchant of microphone) mat: So as for this as for us it is the E-mail which directly we ever since first week have perhaps obtained in doing strongly bad E-mail. Microphone: Obtaining to obtain, and the mat: The time us remember {} simultaneously the microphone: For the sake of some reason always then, us you avoided. Mat: Obtaining obtaining. Microphone: And some reason floated rose thought and, us next and exactly, for the sake of. Mat: This like the Japanese cartoon 1, our large quantities was that you obtain. Microphone: Obtaining obtaining. When reading that and how many, as for occasionally that the sound, dust in fairness concerning good thought, you think exactly, you think occasionally concerning bad thought, perhaps as for us the way boxing grab. "How it types?" the E-mail which obtains the thought for the method of answering really of being good. Darkness... dark night. Mat: Umm- microphone: So our friends, uhhh, and the uhh- mat: Also writer. Microphone: Compat compat-compatriot. {you laugh} the mat: Today. Microphone: {To laugh} ジョナサン Howe, we uhh, my intellectual him with these which were thrown together, the way, 3 4 days entirely, perhaps. Mat: The microphone which that a little, perhaps, it could obtain at times, as for us to him it said: Just a little, the mat where we make that quick: - When we have done this E-mail, {simultaneously}. Microphone: Perhaps I mean like midweek. Tuesday Wednesday, our uhh- mats: Obtaining obtaining. Those the really are the appearance good kissy lip. Microphone: Thank you, the person. Mat: I like that. Microphone: {You laugh} the camera Jiggles. Mat: Obtaining you obtain, he really obtains soon to that. Microphone: Umm, therefore this seems like the vector game like y'know and the rainstorm, a certain mat: Battlezone. Microphone: Battlezone... it can obtain. Mat: War game of star of original. Microphone: Obtaining obtaining. Mat: Ohh... it goes there. Microphone: He said "your head splode". Mat: As for me when killing him, when him you say, ori we gonna to that it makes, think of that it is "my head splow". {Laughing the microphone} he who is other thing had been about probably to say. Umm, so it could obtain, we calculating, when you tried that we will do, uh making the video game as for this the microphone which is we where type everything comes from the microphone and I: To those you do not have to call. Mat: Regardless it is not. Microphone: {You laugh} the Nu-huh- mat: {With barely obstinately} under any condition the air you do not have to make. Microphone: {To laugh} we do not think probably will say with. Mat: {Simultaneously} I before all I make this clear, am the necessity of gonna which signs to non-disclosure agreement. Umm, therefore this just a little it is, uhh... I called... something which is, you have remembered? The vampire, as for me I played first, as for that 1 year old of the game of the text where those which have the rail are with that you think, are. As for first thing that the microphone which is: Obtaining obtaining Ohio state, I can obtain the rail, have remembered. Mat: And I possess thought {} simultaneously, what kind of paragraph my way, I the time, being to think whether remember, from those which the rail means, obtain the dictionary, the way, the fin the microphone which is found: That was how it won the game. Mat: Obtaining to obtain, the microphone: It was {} simultaneously, {you laugh} the mat: I like, that seems like the key to that, the exactly way, "am I what? That seems like the tower of the wall and the castle, exactly? "Umm... {long pause} that rhinoceros, is large excessively, you look at the microphone. Microphone: Thank you, the mat. Mat: I {laughing the microphone} think of the noise which is the string of a of the fair thing synthesizer key the noise, with making the rhinoceros. When slipping your finger, the way, consecutive like that guitar, it seems the way and it is supposed in order to sound, it can obtain, such a certain snake there is, fairness really delay, the thing really the thing fasts, is. Irritation irritation is that I'm- what and the microphone which makes a noise: Irritation magic. Mat: The irritation magic, really, the magazine. Bio threat was the game of that Psygnosis. Microphone: Obtaining you obtained, with, was uh some other ones? Mat: {Menace} the your blood money. Microphone: Your blood money. [ Compile ] to enjoy, rainstorm and Battlezone of fact are the arcade game from 1980. Those were famous because of the vector graphics where between time progressive colors very. Perhaps "the war game of the star of the original" star war, shows the arcade game from 1983 in addition designates the vector graphics of color as the feature. [ Does to compile ] the external link watch the file which does not have the coming out eye for downloading "video game" "the video game" for "video game" iPod opinion (looks at the runner of Podstar)

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