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Strong Bad Email #40

Strong Bad takes a vacation and writes postcards from the places he visits.

Features: Strong Bad


This email was updated over 5 weeks, Strong Bad writing a postcard each time. It is also the last email featuring the Tandy 400 before being replaced by the Compy 386 in invisibility.


STRONG BAD: {singing} Oooh, duh DOO doo doo, my e-mail left me, duh doo... {stops singing}

Dear Strong Bad,
You must be a very busy man. You should think 
about a vacation.
Filled with crap,

{He lowers his head disappointelly at the comment of "filled with crap".}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh, vacation, eh? You know, I have been sittin at this computer for a long freakin time. And Strong Mad says I've been lashing out at the Cheat more often than usual... Yeah, you know what? {He bend his head down on the desk and uses a pencil to draw something to BrothaCheese.} I'm outta here... {He slaps a post-it on the screen that says "DORKS!" on it and an angry face with sharp teeth below.} DORKS! {And finally, he walks away humming.}

vacation#Postcard 1
#Postcard 2
#Postcard 3
#Postcard 4
#Postcard 5

Just pick one.

Postcard 1

The Great Mound (Bigger than that one in Ohio!)

Hey, you guys! Just dropping you a line here from "The Great Mound". I got two words for ya: false advertising. There's nothing great about this mound, okay? And another thing: there's nothing but old ladies hanging around this mound! You know, wearing their mumus and their tutus and all their Dainty McDainty don't like old ladies. I don't even wanna see 'em. Anyways, the mound was a big disappointment. I'll write from my next destination. Later!

Postcard 2

Fabulous Downtown Pantsburg

Hey everybody. Don't be fooled. Downtown Pantsburg isn't anywhere near as fabulous as it appears in that photograph. I mean, they don't even let you ride that bike! In fact, it was like welded to that little house! Anyways, I met some guys here, they were pretty cool, we hung out, y'know, made fun of this one girl...pushed some guy into some mud...we traded addresses and stuff and they say they're gonna come visit, but, you know how that ends up. I'll never see them again. Come to think of it, I probably should have taken some of their stuff. Oh well. That old highway's a-callin' my name, so, you'll hear from me soon. Peace!

Postcard 3

It's that CLOCK, (look at it go)

{singing} It's that clooooock...come on you need to check it out nooooooooow... it's that CLOCK! I can't believe it! {stops singing} Okay, the best thing about this postcard is if you look at the clock, that's the exact same time that I first laid eyes on the clock! 2:55, man. And like, iddi-oh, wait, it still says... 2:55. Okay, well, the clock is broken, but still! It's about the best thing I've ever seen {sings} in my whole liiiiiife! {stops singing} Okay, now I got to bust a wicked solo. {a crappy acoustic guitar solo is played} Thank you, goodnight!

Postcard 4

Two Cars Tennessee

Sup, everybody? Here I am in Two Cars, Tennessee, and you know what? I kinda miss you guys and your e-mails... I can almost hear one of them now. "Dear Stong Band, You are crap. Crap is the best. Everybody loves crap. Crap is in the mix. Crap is to the max! How does Homestar pick stuff up if he's not wearing any Marzi-pants? Crapfully crap, Monkey D, Seattle, Washington." Ahh...okay! I got my fix. On to the next town! Oh, and incidentally, I highly reccommend Two Cars, Tennessee. It's got a REAL happenin' arts and crafts scene.

Postcard 5

Visit Historic Over There

Hey guys, just a quick one while I'm away. So I visited Historic Over There...don't be fooled by the old-timey photograph. The place really looks like that. Like, everything is tan and brown. The sky, tan. And the streets are paved with a little different shade of tan. It was nothing but antique stores down there, like I couldn't find a single restaurant! I have a sneaking suspicion the people in Over There eat antiques. Yeah. Screwed up. There was one guy out there doing charicatures, though. I stopped by and got one...of myself...he made me...a was great. Okay. All this old Coca-Cola memorabilia is making me thirsty. I'll talk at ya soon.

Easter Eggs

  • You can click on the post-it note to hear it say different insults and such.
  • On the second postcard, at the end of his spiel, you can click on the window and see Strong Bad be Strong Bad.
  • On the fourth postcard, at the end of his spiel, you can click on the right-most headlight to see about the arts and crafts scene--err, the crazy Seattle MonkeyD postcard.
  • On the fifth postcard, while he is talking about his caricature, you can click on the postcard and see it.
  • If you click the "Dorks" post-it repeatedly it'll growl at you

Fun Facts

  • This is the last time Strong Bad uses the Tandy 400. It appears briefly as he tosses it out (and in an Easter egg) in the next episode. Its ghost haunts Strong Badia in ghosts, and we see its eventual fate in the King of Town intro page.
  • There is a reference to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, a now-extinct ride at DisneyWorld. This is after Strong Bad gets on the bike, when he says that it was "as fun as Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... actually that was pretty fun."
  • In the easter egg on postcard 5 in the caricature the signiture on the bottom says "LEM '02" This means it was most likely drawn by Lem Sportsinterviews.
  • Also in postcard 5, Strong Bad says "Just a quick one while I'm away," a reference to The Who's song "A Quick One While He's Away."

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