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*[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail65.swf view the flash file]
*[http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail65.swf view the flash file]
{{Strong Bad Email}}
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Strong Bad Email #65

Strong Bad explains what happens to all the unused emails he gets every week.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Bubs, Strong Mad


STRONG BAD: Oooh! Check it out! Another one of those...sbemails!

Hey Strong Bad, {stops reading} Hey! {resumes}
I was wondering what you do with the emails that don't get showed on the weekly email.

Dan Chase,
Aurora, Illinois {pronounces it like Illi-Noir}.

Ahh... {typing} Wha-hoah, Dan. You mean what do I do with the thousands and THOUSANDS of near unreadable emails I get every day? I like to mix it up!

{cut to the Cheat carrying some papers, organizing them into huge stacks}

Sometimes I give them to the Cheat for filing. And archiving.

{The Cheat sticks an email in the Medium category. Strong Bad sticks his head in the screen. The Cheat makes cheat noises.}

No man, that's a short.

{The Cheat shrugs, and puts it in the short pile. Cut to Strong Bad and Bubs standing at the stick, not facing each other. Strong Bad has a CD, Bubs has a bag of cash.}

Or if I'm strapped for cash, I'll sell the e-mail addresses to Bubs for use in his free weekly spamvertisements.

{Strong Bad drops the CD} Oops! Lookit that! I dropped a CD of five-thousand email addresses!

BUBS: {throwing the bag of money on the ground} Whoops! I dropped a quarter for each one!

{cut to Strong Mad crumpling up papers}

STRONG BAD: And sometimes I give them to my big brother Strong Mad, for the Japanese art of paper-folding. {he walks on screen} So, how are your origamis? Is that one the crane?

STRONG MAD: {holds up two crumpled-up balls of paper} THIS IS A LOTUS FLOWER! THIS IS A PRAYING MANTIS!

STRONG BAD: Oh yeah, that's great, man. Incredible likeness.

{back to the computer, typing} But mostly the emails I don't use just get... {stops typing and stands up, backing up slowly} A-digga...a-digga...a-digga-digga...a-digga...a-diggity... {starts running back towards the desk} DIGGITY DIGGITY DIGGITY DIGGITY A-DELETEEEEEED!!!!!! {jumps and does an elbow drop on the keyboard, breaking the desk in half. After a pause, the screen flashes DELETED!!} Ohhhhh....I think I broke my clavicus...majorus.

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • When you see The Cheat with the 3 stacks of emails, you can click on the top of each pile for a sample of some emails. (click the close button to close the email.)
  • You can click on the top of Strong Mad's pile of emails for another look at these wonderful emails Strong Bad gets.
  • At the very end you can click on the words on Strong Bad's screen to bring up Bubs' Weekly Spamvertisement.
  • You can click on the picture of the product in the Weekly Spamvertisement to see more products from Bubs.

Fun Facts

  • Here are the unused emails which appear in this toon:
    • Medium stack:
Dear Strong Bad,
This is my best one. Do you like it! I hope that you

    • Tall stack:
Dear Strong Bad, 
why don 't you do that thing?
hey i like ur e-mail and games i am stephanie and i am
10/f/nj and i play baseball cheerleader

from stephanie

    • Short stack:
Dear Strong Bad,
I tried to email you twice yesterday. You didn't email
back. 'Sup wit dat? I'm out like that.
Do you have a monkey if you do you are a crap. If you
don't are still crap so leave me alone crap head. Stop
making me right this stupid crappy letter to you. So
buy craphead uh I mean crapface wait no crapnose
rrrrrghhh whatever you are stupid and have an ugly
butt and your stupid and a piece of crap. Oh yeah your
also stupid.

sincerely, me Andrew Shapiro

PS: Your still crap and always will be crap. And
please kill hamesturrunner please PLEASE  PLEASE
Bye bye.
    • Strong Mad's stack:
Dear, Strong Bad
Do you enloy reasing?
  • The CD he gives Bubs says "The Goods" and Bubs's bag of money says "The Payoff"
  • The "Digga-Digga-Digga... DELETED!" line is used again in car
  • The quarters that Bubs gives Strong Bad in exchange for the email addresses total $1,250 ($0.25 x 5,000), and would weigh 62.37lbs.

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