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The Grumblecakes are on the line here!

Strong Bad Email #98

Kevin Grumbles writes in to tell Strong Bad that he should make Homestar Runner say stupid stuff because his voice is hilarious. Strong Bad switches it up a bit.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, Homsar (Easter egg), The Cheat

Places: Computer Room

Computer: Compy 386

Date: February 16, 2004

Running Time: 2:35



STRONG BAD: {singing} Do do do do, email me some words, doo-doo, some different words.

{Reading email}

{Strong Bad mumbles instead of saying the word "Grumbles." He continues to do this throughout the email.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Uh, you don't really have to MAKE Homestar say stupid stuff, Grumbles, that's the guy's bread n' butter. Or at least his, uh, cracker n' mustard. No, the REAL challenge is to get Homestar to say something intelligent. {He clears the screen and continues typing.} If I can do that, then you owe me a batch of your special Grumblecakes. And if I fail, then I'll quit stealing the bricks from your house, one by one. Deal? Deal.

{Strong Bad goes to get up from his chair and Homestar Runner is leaning over his shoulder.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {quietly} Hi, Strong Bad.

STRONG BAD: {surprised} Ah, geez! Homestar!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Strong Bad, do you notice anything different about me today?

STRONG BAD: Um, you broke into my house?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, I'm always doing that.

STRONG BAD: {apparently unperturbed} Okay, what?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {standing on one foot} I'm standing on one foot!

STRONG BAD: Yeah, great. Look, I'll give you half a Grumblecake if you can say something intelligent.


STRONG BAD: It's like a little cake with some, like, steam and sugar.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, no, the other one.

STRONG BAD: Oh, "intelligent"?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, yeah, intellivision.

STRONG BAD: You know...something smart.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I think I can do that. {attempts to look shifty and cunning} ...What's in it for me?

STRONG BAD: {annoyed} Half a Grumblecake!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, right. Okay, here goes—

STRONG BAD: No wait, put this stuff on... It'll add to the illusion.

{Strong Bad gives Homestar Runner a white lab coat, black-rimmed glasses with masking tape, and a test tube. Homestar uses the test tube as if it was a microphone and he was interviewing Strong Bad.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Whoa, check me out, Strong Bad, I look a-smart!

STRONG BAD: You sure do, stupid. Now say something.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {smugly} And I'm standing on one foot!

STRONG BAD: {urging} Come on, say something smart! You can do it!


STRONG BAD: Uh, that's pretty good. Keep going!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Science again! I said science again!

STRONG BAD: Let's move away from science. Try math.


STRONG BAD: Okay, this isn't going—


STRONG BAD: {groans} I need to get my hands on some of them Grumblecakes! Maybe if I employ a little reverse psychologies... If I ask a stupid enough question, I'll get an intelligent answer! {clears throat} I say, there, Homestar, butt's twelve by pies?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh, yes! I got Strong Bad to say something stupid! {triumphantly} The Grumblecakes will be mine!

(Homestar runs off.}

STRONG BAD: What?! What the crap just happened?! Is it possible that I was just outsmarted by Homestar Runner?! {typing and shouting} I'LL GET YOU KEVIN GRUMBLES!!!

{The Cheat enters with a tray of The Cheatcakes.}

THE CHEAT: {The Cheat noises}

STRONG BAD: Get that mess outta here! I don't want none o' those Cheatcakes! {He smacks the tray of The Cheatcakes out of The Cheat's hands.}

THE CHEAT: {angry The Cheat noises}

{The Cheat exits dejectedly.}

STRONG BAD: {apologetically} No, wait, The Cheat, come back! {The Cheat comes back} Will you, um, fix me some...mustard crackers?

THE CHEAT: {angry The Cheat noises}

{The Cheat exits again. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • When Strong Bad says "Butt's Twelve by Pies," click the screen to see a playbill for a play with the same name, directed by Homsar.

Butt's Twelve By Pies

A Super-short Play
Directed by Homsar
lighting & set decoration
  • Click the Cheatcake at the end to see a box of The Cheatcakes and a jingle. You can keep closing the box and clicking the Cheatcake to make a round.
SINGER: Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes, and those people go to prison. Just ask The Cheat!
THE CHEAT: {subtitled} Those people go to prison!

Fun Facts


  • When the screen zooms out when Homestar appears, the contrast knob on the Compy is missing. However, this almost always happens when the screen zooms away from the Compy.

Real-World References

Fast Forward

  • Homestar's claim that he's always breaking into Strong Bad's house is confirmed two emails later in flashback. He's usually "behind the black" to the right of the screen.
  • Strong Bad later admits in do over that he wishes he had tried a Cheatcake as "those things looked a-pretty good!"

DVD Version

  • The Butt's Twelve By Pies Easter egg is viewable using the angle button on your DVD remote.
  • You can't make a round with the Cheatcakes jingle anymore.

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