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This article is about the DVD set. For the actual emails, see Strong Bad Emails.
DVD featuring Strong Bad Emails 1-200
Discs Disc 1 | Disc 2 | Disc 3 | Disc 4 | Disc 5 | Disc 6
Released Discs 1-3: November 9, 2004
Disc 4: July 25, 2005
Disc 5: June 5, 2007
Disc 6: November 24, 2008
Region 0 - NTSC format
DVD authoring and encoding Ryan Sterritt
Video footage and editing Ryan Sterritt. Mixed by Russ T. at Ruby Red Productions
DVD cover design Craig Zobel
3-D animation Ryan Bradley, Jacob Slutsky, and Ted Kotsaftis.
Music Y-O-U (karaoke), They Might Be Giants (different town)
Producers The Brothers Chaps
The Brothers Chaps' thanks Willem Hartong, The Future Animators of the Future, Randy Dudley and Planet Studio.

strongbad_email.exe is the first Homestar Runner DVD series. It is sold as a 3-disc box set with Discs 4, 5, and 6 sold separately.


Disc Contents


See artwork at strongbad_email.exe DVD Artwork.

Easter Eggs

  • Most of the emails have three kinds of secrets:
    • Audio commentary: Accessible by pressing the "Language" or "Audio" button. Not all emails have them.
    • Secret "angle": Accessible by pressing the "Angle" button. Usually used to display the short pop-ups that can appear when you click on different things during the emails.
    • Secret menu options: Once the email is over, you can press down from "Next" to find a hidden menu option—a little icon that looks like Strong Bad's head. (You typically have to press down several times to find the hidden icon.) Sometimes there are secret options hidden under "Again," "Main," or "Next," and sometimes you have to browse around (left/right) from other hidden options to find them all. All Easter eggs are listed in the "DVD Version" sections of the Strong Bad Email articles.
  • Each menu has a secret Easter egg viewable after a short period of time.

Fun Facts


  • .exe is a file extension meaning "executable." An executable file contains code for a program and "executes" in an operating system. .exe files are used in DOS (e.g., "Peasants_Quest.exe" ran the Peasant's Quest program) and Microsoft Windows, but not on a Macintosh computer (which The Cheat uses). Specifically, "strongbad_email.exe" is what Strong Bad types on his computer to begin nearly every email, except for secret identity (in which he types in strongbad_email.wad) and those on the Tandy 400, in which he types run "strongbad's_email"


  • This is The Brothers Chaps's 3D CGI debut.
  • When the DVD set was first released, it was in such high demand that the online store quickly ran out.

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