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Strong Bad Email #18

joe p. asks Strong Bad if he has ever done any stand-up comedy.

Features: Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Coach Z, Little Strong Bad


STRONG BAD: Something has compelled me to check my emails.

dear strong bad,
ur a real, funy guy. have you ever done any 
stand up comidic stuff?

crapfully crappy,
joe p.

STRONG BAD: What? No. No. No. I mean, no. Never. No. What. No.

{He walks away from the computer and Strong Sad shows up and says "Come with me". He puts a video tape that says "S.B. Talent Show". The video shows a show where earlier Coach Z with his huge hair and moustache presenting the little Strong Bad.}

COACH Z: Once again, thank you to Little Marzipan and her wonderful clogging. Okay, so up next we got the comedy styling of Little Strong Bad.

{Coach Z steps away from the front stage and Little Strong Bad walks on stage and lowers the microphone.}

LITTLE STRONG BAD: Thank you Coach Z,{pause} for not patting my butt. {audience laughs} Good evening, ladies and germs. Um... How about this cafeteria food? Is it cardboard or is it pizza? {more audience laughs} You know guys, it is bad. Um... what about that one... that joke... Coach Z's hair is funny looking. Are you listening? It is big... he has a really big hair... {Suddenly, his pants fall down. The audience laughs and Little Strong Bad feels embarrassed. He runs away from the stage and he says "Oh no" and tumbles down because of his pants.}

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}

se.gif Transcribed by in Stockholm, Sweden se.gif

Fun Facts

  • The VCRs time is 12:00 which is the subject of 12:00.
  • The VCR is made by Totaltronics.
  • The TV is the same as in an old Toons menu.

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