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Origins Unknown
Genre(s) Indie/Alternative rock
Members (unknown)
Discography Limozeen vs. Sloshy (2007)
Producer N/A
The sloshy logo

The indie/alternative rock band sloshy is a group that Strong Sad listens to. They were opening for Limozeen, and Strong Bad was at first unwilling to view their set (as he had not heard of them), instead choosing to come "fashionably late". Limozeen never came on to play, and so sloshy played both sets, becoming one of Strong Bad's favorite bands until he finally realized they are not metal.

The band has been around since approximately 2001, and has a total of three members. During concerts, the band just strings some Christmas lights over the bass drum for special effects and wears whatever they had been wearing that day. The bassist looks strikingly similar to Patrick Wilson, the drummer of alternative rock band Weezer. He wears regular glasses, not sunglasses, much to Strong Bad's astonishment.

One of sloshy's most noticeable traits is that their only backup singing consists of one of the members (very blankly) repeating previous lines, or in the case of "Because, It's Midnite," saying "Because, It's Midnight." This is similar to the spoken word style employed by influential indie/alternative rock band Pavement. An example of this is in Pavement's song "Stereo".

The members of sloshy were the antagonists of Limozeen: "But they're in space!" on at least one occasion. However, the page title of Limozeen vs. Sloshy ("The Label Made Us Do It!") suggests that sloshy and Limozeen are owned by the same record label.

The name sloshy is usually written in all lowercase even in running text, and their wordmark is rotated 180 degrees with the o being the color red. (ʎɥsols).


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