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Look out for Number 1!

Strong Bad Email #121

Strong Bad proves he does more than just write e-mails, by showing everyone his part-time job!

Cast (In order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Bubs, Coach Z, Pom Pom, Mrs. Bennedetto

Date: January 3rd, 2005



{As usual, Strong Bad is in front of his Lappy, checking his e-mail. Judging from the view of the room we can see around the Lappy, he does not seem to be at his desk, as he usually would be.}

STRONG BAD: A lot of ladies and a lot of girls... some healthy ladies and some healthy girls!

subject: besides..
Dear Strongbad,
Do you do anything besides checking e-mails?
Sincerely, Hunter

STRONG BAD: {typing} Waudju- gighi- ikuh... What do you mean do I do anything besides checking e-mails. 'Course I freakin' do! I do everything! Always! {clears the screen} Nature walks, Meet N' Greets, Bus Chucker Club, The League of Me and The Cheat Ice Cream Socials. Shut up! I even have a part-part-part-part-very part-time job, to which I am currently 15 minutes late.

{Cut to the lower area of Marzipan's kitchen. Strong Bad has apparently been checking this e-mail under Marzipan's kitchen table. Homestar walks in, and is holding a tennis ball.}

{Strong Bad looks around in a panicked way.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: This is perfect! Just perfect! I couldn't be happier with my new invention! I'll call it... the Super Question Machine!

STRONG BAD: {whispering} I gotta try to sneak out of here without Homestar noticing me.

{Homestar sets his "invention" down on the table.}


STRONG BAD: I gotta think of some kind of diversion...

{The Cheat walks in, humming to himself, wearing a top hat entitled "Tito" and a bowtie, and holding a cane. Homestar turns around to look at him. The camera pans left. The Cheat begins doing a dance.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, wow! What a great new invention!

{Strong Bad crawls out from under the table, and gives The Cheat the thumbs up.}

STRONG BAD: Nice work, The Cheat!

{He proceeds to crawl away, while The Cheat's still humming.}

{Cut to Bubs' empty concession stand.}

STRONG BAD: {quietly while peeking out from the corner} This is perfect! Bubs must be passed out on the floor again.

{Strong Bad disappears behind the screen, and begins walking toward the Stand.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Comin' in to work on time..

{Bubs pops up from under the counter. Strong Bad lets out a short yell.}

BUBS: Aha!

STRONG BAD: {Yells, then stutters a little.}

BUBS: Late again, Strong Bad. I'm not running a country club, you know.

STRONG BAD: {Quickly} But Mr. Bubs, I was just-

BUBS: {Interrupts} Wastin' time on that email show of yours again. That mess'll never get you anywhere!

STRONG BAD: Yes it will! You'll see! I'm gonna be big one day. I'm gonna be a famous email checker.

BUBS: And I'm gonna be two times two. Now put on your uniform and get to work!

STRONG BAD: You're gonna be what?

{The screen fades out and resumes to Strong Bad wearing a combination of a sad clown and a hotdog costume in front of Bubs' stand. Strong Bad is holding a paper, and a stack of papers sits next to him.}

The papers all say:


STRONG BAD: That's right! Come on down to Bubs' and get you a free cup of ice with purchase of deluxe cup of ice for equal or lesser value.

BUBS: No, no. Work it, son, work it!

{Strong Bad begins dancing and humming.}

BUBS: That's it, that's it! Look out for Number 1!

{Coach Z walks in.}

COACH Z: Hey, it's the hot dog clown! What fun!

{Pom Pom's silhouette merges in.}

COACH Z: Pom Pom, take a picture of me with the hot dog clown. It'll be classic!

{Pom Pom bubbles, and takes out a camera. A huge flash is seen, and a camera shutter sound is heard. Coach Z falls over, leaning on Strong Bad.}

{The camera zooms in to Bubs.}

BUBS: Pictures with the tragic clown dog ain't free! Fifty bucks! Sixty bucks! Get back here and let me confiscate your film. {The camera zooms back out to the four of them.}

COACH Z: {running} Charge, Pom Pom! {He and Pom Pom run off screen.}

STRONG BAD: It's a great day at Bubs' Concession Stand! Sign up now for giving us money.

BUBS: Now isn't this better than sitting at your desk answerin' emails?

STRONG BAD: Actually I was sitting under a kitchen table this week and.. uh oh! The Lappy's probably almost out of juice! I need to get back and end this email! Uhh.. say Bubs, I'm gonna need now off. Is that cool?

BUBS: Is Strong Sad cool?

STRONG BAD: Oh come on.

BUBS: You know all my policies! I'm not running a country club, you know.

STRONG BAD: Okay then I quit.

BUBS: Fine! But don't even think about swiping that costume!

STRONG BAD: You made me buy this costume, remember?

BUBS: Oh. Right. Well then pleasure doing business with you.

{Strong Bad runs off in the costume.}

{We cut back to the kitchen, where The Cheat has fallen over, still humming, and Homestar is standing over him. Strong Bad crawls back in.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: This is the most amazing undersea epic ever filmed.

STRONG BAD: {typing} See, Hunter? I got all types of stuff going on. I've got so many facets, you don't even know what facets are. I'm like a hundredaire socialite out on the sce-

{The Lappy powers down.}

STRONG BAD: Oh great. The battery ran out. I gotta figure out a way to end this email.


{Cut to Mrs. Bennedetto. Strong Bad slaps a paper on it with some text and a picture of him on it.}

yeah buddy,
i have muscles!

ps: preeeeow

{The Paper DOES NOT come down on its own!}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on "Bus Chucker Club" to see a post-it of Strong Bad's member badge.
  • Click on "preeeeow" to make The Paper come down.
  • Click on the microwave's "Broast" button to see "Hundredaire Socialite magazine", featuring "The Brains Behind Videlectrix".
  • Click on the "Power" button to watch an extra scene with Strong Bad and Bubs.

Easter Egg Transcript

{Cut to Bubs on the Stage from A Decemberween Pageant. We see a pamphlet:}

       T H E A T E R

      A Sweet 3-Acter
   Directed by Strong Bad
Strong Bad and Buh-Hubs, man

{The pamphlet zooms out. We see Bubs is standing in front of a cut-out of his stand reading MR LEGARM'S Bubs Stand. Strong Bad walks in.}

BUBS AS MR. LEGARM: Well look who decided to show up. Fifth time this week, Johnny.

STRONG BAD AS JOHNNY: Oh I'm sorry Mr. Legarm. Honest I am! I just-

MR. LEGARM: {interrupting} You just what? Lost track of time?

JOHNNY: Yes sir. Only I wouldn't have to worry about that if I could just get the Johnny-Tron working.

MR. LEGARM: You still wastin' time workin' on that time machine, Johnny? That's a pipe dream, son! Your future's here at the shop. Now sweep up! I got customers to tend to.

JOHNNY: You'll see. Someday... someday...

{Music starts, and a spotlight goes over to Strong Bad.}

JOHNNY: {singing} When all my dreams come.. truuuuuuuuue.

{Upon singing the word "true", Strong Bad is somehow able to sing an entire harmony. The audience claps; the curtain closes.}

Fun Facts

  • There are two theories on the names of buttons on Homestar's microwave oven. One is that broasting is a style of cooking popular in the American Midwest. A Broaster is basically a pressure deepfryer for cooking battered chicken. The other is that 'Broast' and 'Boil' are a play on the 'Roast' and 'Broil' buttons that exist in some ovens.
  • The "Hundredaire Socialite magazine" easter egg features the familiar faces of Mike and Matt Chapman; the photo is from Peasant's Quest Preview.
  • The clock on Mrs. Bennedetto is stuck on 9:48.
  • The Cheat wearing the top hat may be a reference to theme park

Other things of interest

  • Bubs has apparently discontinued his "free weekly spamvertisements" from unused emails, from which Strong Bad was making $1250 (5000 emails x a quarter each) every time he sold a disk of addresses.
  • Notice Bubs' promotion is the opposite of what would be sensible: You get can get two cups of ice while paying only for the one that costs less or the same. This is the same kind of logic which allows The King of Town to have "earned a free combo meal by purchasing one of equal or lesser value".
  • You can still make the circles appear on the LCD screen when the power shuts off.
  • You can keep clicking on "preeow" to make the Paper come down again and again.
  • "What do you mean do I do anything besides checking e-mails" is a question and Strong Bad didn't use a question mark. (Which frankly is pretty disappointing, considering the vocal work done on the grammar songs in local news.)
  • "Hundredaire" was also used in the email "suntan"
  • "preeeeow" is what Strong Bad says in autobiography and haircut, when attempting to prompt the printer to print out The Paper.
  • The confused sounds Strong Bad makes at the beginning of the cartoon are almost identical to the ones he utters near the end of Everybody to the Limit
  • This email is the first to show the back of the Lappy. It is the 3rd time Strong Bad has checked his email in an unusual place; he has also checked his e-mail on Pom-Pom's Pom Pilot in the bird and later on The Cheat's iMac in weird dream.
  • The way Bubs' name is spelled in the program (Buh-hubs) is a reference to lunch special, when Strong Bad had Bubs say his name slowly into a mirror.
    • It could also be a reference to big white face, because that's what Strong Bad typed into the Compy 386 when bringing up Bubs' picture.
  • The "Johnny-Tron" time machine mentioned in the Easter Egg might be a reference to the "Chron-o-John" used in the LucasArts computer game "Day of the Tentacle". (The "Chron-o-John" was a time machine that looked suspiciously like an outhouse.)
  • When Strong Bad says "I've got so many facets, you don't even know what facets are," he is referring to his description of Senor Cardgage in the email kind of cool.


  • After watching the "Power easter egg," the paper comes down even though you haven't clicked on preeeow.
  • When you view the "Broast easter egg," you can still press the preeeow button

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