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*In [[Summer Short Shorts]], [[Bubs' Concession Stand]] was located to the right of [[Strong Badia]].  In the Carrot and Kazoo Hill scene of this email, however, the locations are reversed.
*In [[Summer Short Shorts]], [[Bubs' Concession Stand]] was located to the right of [[Strong Badia]].  In the Carrot and Kazoo Hill scene of this email, however, the locations are reversed.
*The Carrot and Kazoo Hill scene has the old round bushes that used to be displayed in The Field.
*The Carrot and Kazoo Hill scene has the old round bushes that used to be displayed in The Field.
*As Strong Bad types "This has been Strong Bad" the text cursor goes outside the Lappy's screen very briefly.
===Fixed Goofs===
===Fixed Goofs===

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Strong Bad Email #185
watch diorama environment

Strong Bad describes the night life of Strong Badia.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, Pom Pom, Bubs, Marzipan, The Cheat, Coach Z, The King of Town (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Carrot and Kazoo Hill, Strong Bad's Room, Da Basement, The Field, Club Technochocolate, The King of Town's Castle (Easter egg)

Computer: Lappy 486

Date: Monday, December 10, 2007

Running Time: 4:12

Page Title: Lappy 486



STRONG BAD: {Singing} Another week, another email scandal! Strong Bad gonna fly off the handle! {brings up the email}

{Strong Bad reads "Mr" as "mer", "Somekindaguy" as "Soma-keenda-goo-ay" and "Josh CO" as "JoshCO!", adding "makers of funny products and funnier slogans." He also puts emphasis on "kinda" as if "kinda hip" meant "somewhat hip"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well, we only have one real fun hotspot. As you may well have already guessed, I am of course talking about

{Carrot and Kazoo Hill is shown, with Homestar and Stong Sad standing on it.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Carrot and Kazoo Hill.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {unemotional} Whee.

STRONG SAD: Good times.

{Back to the Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Man, the hill was jumpin' that night! As far as clubs go, Club Technochocolate is about as kinda hip as it gets! Some towns have party clubs, but we've got our very own bona fide pwawty cloughb!

{A flyer is shown while music begins to play in the background, which reads: Club Technochocolate / Free Country USA's Premier / PWAWTY CLOUGHB / (Not a place for technological chocolate bars)}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} When I'm going out to the cloughb, I always like to take off {Cut to Strong Bad's Bedroom. He is standing in the foreground messing with his shirt.} my best shirt! {His best shirt is light blue with a tribal mark. He rips it open with a "huah!", popping a button. He begins to spray himself with body spray.}

{Camera cuts to Strong Sad, who is leaning in the doorway from the Basement}

STRONG SAD: Strong Bad, are you putting on body spray?

{Cut back to Strong Bad, still holding the black can of body spray}

STRONG BAD: Shut up! Guys don't wear body spray. This is uh... the blood... of slain... warrior... mammoths.

{Scene darkens}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} Of course, the cloughb only lets the freshest clientèle inside. But my name has been laser-etched into the guest list by now.

{We see a location somewhere in the Field, at night. Strong Mad is standing behind a velvet-rope as Strong Bad walks up.}


STRONG BAD: Come on, man, drop the act! I've gotta get into the pwawty cloughb.

STRONG MAD: {holding up a grease-stained Blubb-o's bag} YOU'RE NOT ON THE LIST!

STRONG BAD: The list?! You're looking at a greasy bag of fast food!


STRONG BAD: Wait, what? Strong Mad, did you just make a joke?! That was pretty good! Now hows about letting me in?


STRONG BAD: Uh... Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt... Johnson.

STRONG MAD: NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN, MR. JOHNSON! {he unhooks the rope and lets Strong Bad through}

{Various Cuts: Club TechnoChocolate. Bubs, Marzipan, and Pom Pom are seen dancing. The Cheat is DJ'ing.}

{Cut to: Club Technochocolate's bar. Strong Bad walks in from our left. Bubs slides in from our right, behind the bar.}

BUBS: Well, if it isn't my main man Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt.

STRONG BAD: I need the brightest, glowiest drink in the house.

{Zoom in on Bubs}

BUBS: How about a nice Pink Elephant Pants?

{Zoom out again}

STRONG BAD: I'll take it!

{Bubs reaches under the bar, and produces an eyedropper containing a green liquid}

BUBS: That'll be $17.50.

STRONG BAD: Woah! You guys must be having a sale!

{We see the edge of the Club Technochocolate dance floor. Marzipan and Strong Sad are standing just off the dance floor. Strong Sad is wearing fishnet gloves.}

MARZIPAN: You don't look like you're having very much fun, Strong Sad.

STRONG SAD: Oh I'm having a great time. This is my favorite club to go to, and not dance. Sometimes I'll even think about dancing, and then not dance. And if I'm feeling really crazy, I'll actually get out on the dance floor, and bust some fresh not-dancing.

MARZIPAN: Then how about I start busting some fresh not-hanging-out-with-you.

{Marzipan walks off. Cut to Strong Bad dancing on the dance floor.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Off-screen} Hey Strong Bad.

{Zoom out. Homestar is standing behind Strong Bad (our left). He looks like he has just woken up, complete with unshaved face, dressing gown, sleeping cap, and Nebulon slippers. His eyes are closed.}

STRONG BAD: Homestar, get outta here! I'm doin my matin' dance.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {eyes still closed} {unintelligible}more, more...badges.


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Because I got more badges than you.

STRONG BAD: Homestar, are you asleep?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Because I sold more thin mints than you.

STRONG BAD: Homestar, are you asleep and dreaming you're a girl scout?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No Ma'am, Troop Beverly Hills.

{We see The cheat DJ'ing in the DJ booth.}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} And at some point during the night, we all get 'treated' to Coach Z {Zoom out, Coach Z with a mic} attempting to freestyle.

COACH Z: One two one two, 'bout to freestyle... One two? One two?

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} I mean... count to two over and over again.

COACH Z: {overlapping} Ha, one two one two! Here I go! Hang on, one two.

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} And no night at the cloughb would be complete, without me getting tossed out on my leopard print hinders.

{Back to the entrance. Strong Bad gets tossed out, wearing leopard print underwear. Strong Mad is no longer visible.}

STRONG BAD: It's not my fault! It's those light-èd floors! I think my pants are mysteriously drawn to them!

{Strong Bad's pants get thrown out too. They land on his head and remain unfolded.}

{Cut back to Lappy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} So that's the nightlife around here, Soma. Of course, there's also the pour rotten milk on Marzipan's prized petunias while she's asleep variety of nightlife as well, but that's another email, for another time. This has been Strong Bad, with Strong Bad E-mail 185 {pronounced one eighty-five}. Thanks for listening.

Easter Eggs

"Try NOT to stab yourself!"
  • Click on "Josh CO" to see "The Stab Yourself!" product from joshCO!
  • At the end, click on "rotten" to see an ad for Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt.
    {A bag with Blubb-o's logo appears on a red background}
    ANNOUNCER: Mmmintroducing the Spicy Crispy Chicken Melt. Because you people stopped buying the Crispy Chicken Melt.
  • At the end, click on "asleep" to see a scene at the Hill.
    HOMESTAR RUNNER: Okay, girls. We're stuck in the woods, with no troop leader. It's time to decide who we eat first. {holds up the Kazoo as if about to eat it}
  • At the end, click on "nightlife" to see a scene with the King Of Town in his castle.
    THE KING OF TOWN: I call to order this meeting of Club Technochocolate. As you can see here, {holds up a motherboard dipped in chocolate} I dipped this motherboard in 70% cacao.

Fun Facts


  • A pink elephant is used as a visual shorthand that someone is drunk.
  • Cacao is the name for the tree from whose seeds chocolate is made.
  • Sleepwalking is a nocturnal disorder in which a sleeping individual engages in behavior normally done while awake.
  • A thin mint is one of several varieties of cookie sold by Girl Scouts as a fundraiser for their organization.



  • As Strong Bad types "This has been Strong Bad" the text cursor goes outside the Lappy's screen very briefly.

Fixed Goofs

  • Originally, as Bubs glided in behind the bar, his middle section was elevated slightly above the level of the bar but his legs were noticeably absent. This was fixed by Tuesday.

Inside References

  • The Blubb-o's bag features the Drive-Thru Whale. "Blubb-o" was previously mentioned in the DVD commentary for Drive-Thru.
  • Strong Bad is shown wearing leopard-print underwear.
  • Pants and alcohol figure prominently in the email.
  • "Light-èd floors" is another instance of the -èd pronunciation.
  • Strong Bad refers to his body spray as "the blood of slain warrior mammoths".
  • The King of Town's motherboard and sleeping Homestar's kazoo are both non-food items about to be eaten.
  • Strong Bad's dance moves and the music that plays when the flyer appears onscreen are both from the Technochocolate scene of disconnected.
  • Marzipan's dance moves are from the dance contest in replacement.
  • Homestar dreaming that he is a Girl Scout is another instance of gender confusion.

Real-World References

External Links

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