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(Fun Facts)
(Fun Facts)
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*The wagon wins the champeenship, even though part of it is always outside the circle.
*The wagon wins the champeenship, even though part of it is always outside the circle.
*The theatre that Strong Bad and the Wagon go to is the one from [[A Jorb Well Done]].
== External Links ==
== External Links ==

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Wagon Fulla Pancakes

Strong Bad Email #117

Strong Bad creats a few montages about a Wagon Fulla Pancakes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Coach Z



STRONG BAD: {announcing} Tonight on Strong Bad Email: Comedian Coach Z, actress Marzipan, and some guy from a zoo.


Dear Strong Bad,
Why don't you creat a montage?

Surf City, NJ

{Strong Bad pronounces "creat" as it is spelled and reads NJ as "No Job"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} {in a high-pitched, mocking voice} Oooohhh! Why don't you creat an alternate reality where you don't have to spell correctly and I talk like this. And your name is Watered Down. {clears screen, continues typing in normal voice} A montage, eh Watered Down? Like, about whatever? Okay. I'll make a montage about...

{cut to an empty field}

me {Strong Bad appears}

and a wagon. {a wagon appears}

Full of pancakes. {pancakes appear in the wagon}

{Diamond wipe to Strong Bad and the wagon walking past Bubs's Concession Stand.}

{Wipe to a field where Strong Bad kicks the wagon calmly.}

{Cut to Strong Bad pulling the wagon uphill.}

STRONG BAD: Oooh, or maybe a montage of me falling in love with the wagon full of pancakes.

{Heart wipe to Strong Bad in a boat with the wagon. They are both holding glasses of wine.}


Let's make this moment be the symbol of our lives
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon listening to a Taranchula LP on headphones.}
We'll pawn your dad's computer
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon, under the stars. Strong Bad points to some shooting stars in the distance.}
and we'll sail to paradise
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon spinning around, holding "hands".}
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon at the movies. Strong Bad drops some popcorn.}
You're a girl... or maybe a wagon...
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon at a fast food place. Strong Bad puts ketchup on some fries while laughing and smiling.}
filled up with pancakes
{Cut to Strong Bad frolicing across a field as the wagon follows.}

STRONG BAD: Or maybe a montage of the wagon full of pancakes {cut to a front door view of The Cheat and the wagon} and The Cheat being down on their luck door to door salesmen.

{Cut to The Cheat lying in the wagon as the wagon rolls past.}

{Several doors slam on The Cheat at different angles.}

{singing} You can't do it so give up now
Whatcha gonna do when your dough runs out
Ain't that a drag?
{Cut to the wagon sitting in an arm chair while the Cheat lies on the floor in front, smoking.}

STRONG BAD: {stops singing} No, I got it. A montage of the wagon full of pancakes training {cut to Homestar in a shirt that says "The #1" looking at the wagon in a field} for the championship.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A wagon full of pamcakes in the champeenship? I'd like to see you try.

{Zoom in on pancakes as training music starts to play.}

{Cut to the wagon climbing the stairs of a stadium.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Guts, guts and might {The wagon's handle slowly collapses on top of a barbell.}
{Cut to Strong Bad and the wagon on a track.}
Lifting weights and feeling alright {Strong Bad clicks a stop watch.}
{Cut to a silhoutte of Strong Bad and the wagon running past a sunset and an ocean.}
It's a showdown going down
Now you're gonna mess around showdown
{Cut to the wagon ascending the bleachers again.}
Put your nose down showdown

{Cut to Homestar Runner and the wagon in a gym as Coach Z looks on in a referee costume.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hiya! Hiya! {Homestar kicks.}

{The wagon's handle falls on Homestar and Homestar falls down, just like it did while training with the barbell.}


COACH Z: The pamcakes wins!

{A buzzer sounds and the score changes from 6-6 to 6-7 on the scoreboard.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Show down.

{Cut to Strong Bad at the Compy 386.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Those were some good montages, eh Watered Down? That was like, a montage of montages. The only thing we left out is the end credits photo montage. Hit it!

{Cut to a glossy of Strong Bad and the wagon in the boat.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Partying party party party
{Cut to glossy of Strong Bad and the wagon on the beach.} It's the weekend party party party
{Cut to glossy of Strong Bad and the wagon in the movie theater.}
{Cut to a closeup of The Cheat lying on the floor.}
CAPTION: The Cheat never sold a single box of toner. He is currently unemployed.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {still singing} And a wagon party party party.
Full of pancakes
{Cut to Homestar kicking in the gym.}
CAPTION: Homestar sold his "The #1" shirt for $3(US). He got a good deal.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {still singing} party party party
{Cut to a glossy of Strong Bad frolicing across the field, the wagon not in the photo.}
CAPTION: Strong Bad went on to host some show on Animal Planet.
It was cancelled before the first commercial break.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {still singing} And we're partying party party party
{Cut to the wagon with a fedora.}
CAPTION: After winning the champeenship, the Wagon Fulla Pancakes did some local TV spots for a used car dealership.
HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} It's the weekend party party party
And we're partying party party party
Everybody does it tonight
CAPTION: It currently resides in Long Beach with its spouse and 2 children.

{Homestar quits singing.}

{The Paper comes down onto the photo.}

Easter Eggs

  • Wait a bit at the end to see what becomes of The Paper.


{A photo appears with the glossy of the wagon on it.}

CAPTION: The Paper stuck around untill e-mail #173, at which time Strong Bad upgraded to an ink-jet printer.

  • At the end, click on "4 Wheels" on the wagon to see Homestar, undefeated in spirit.
  • At the end, click on "Strong Bad" to see a scene remniscient of an old Nintendo game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!!.

Fun Facts

  • The song Homestar is singing in the Easter Egg ("You're the Best") comes from the fighting montage during the tournament in the 1984 masterpiece, "The Karate Kid."
  • In the Homestar Easter Egg, at the end, you'll see that his score reverts to "-1 points" even though the machine is off.
  • The scene with Strong Bad and the Wagon Fulla Pancakes sitting in the canoe is reminiscent of lures & jigs, where Strong Bad and Coach Z fish in the exact same spot.
  • Much of the wagon's training sequence (especially the wagon "running" up the stairs) is a parody of the training sequence from the immortaly cool boxing epic, Rocky.
  • There actually is a system call in the Unix operating system called "creat." It creat(e)s a new file.
  • Homestar's pronunciation of "pamcakes" could be a reference to the comic (and movie) Hellboy.
  • The reference to Strong Bad going on to host a show on Animal Planet that got cancelled before the first commericial break is a reference to how the Cable network Animal Planet will sometimes hype a new show beyond a belief, making you think it will be a great new series.... then all they show is the pilot and nothing else.
  • Besides the smoking game, this is the first actual cartoon in which you see The Cheat smoking.
  • The "some guy from a zoo" line by Strong Bad during the "Late-Night Talk Show"-style intro is most likely a reference to how such shows often resort to the gimmick of having zoo workers appear on the show, accompanied by their animal partners, whose mischievous antics can often get a cheap laugh from the audience.
  • The Strong Bad easter egg is a take on the popular NES game "Punchout", in which halfway through the game you saw a similar sequence.
  • When Strong Bad is swinging the wagon around The Stick shows up in the background but it disapears in between each head
  • The Easter Egg (the one where you click the words "Strong Bad") looks like it could possibly have been made by Videlectrix.
  • In the original version of this e-mail, the background was static while Strong Bad and the wagon were spinning around. It has since been fixed to blurred trees.
  • Homestar gets less money for a shirt than he gets for a half-eaten breakfast burrito in "Some Type of Online Auction."
  • The Cheat not being able to sell any toner is reminiscent of the movie The Salesman, where traveling salesmen have varying rates of success selling bibles. The poorest selling bible seller of the group winds up losing his job.
  • The sparkling water seen while Strong Bad is running on the horizon seems to be the same from Main Page 3.
  • The wagon wins the champeenship, even though part of it is always outside the circle.
  • The theatre that Strong Bad and the Wagon go to is the one from A Jorb Well Done.

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