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'''Strong Bad Email #117'''
'''Strong Bad Email #117'''
[[Strong Bad]] creats a few montages about a [[Wagon Fulla Pancakes]].
[[Strong Bad]] creates a few montages about a [[Wagon Fulla Pancakes]].
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' [[Strong Bad]], [[The Cheat]], [[Homestar Runner]], [[Coach Z]]
'''Cast (in order of appearance):''' [[Strong Bad]], [[The Cheat]], [[Homestar Runner]], [[Coach Z]]

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Wagon Fulla Pancakes

Strong Bad Email #117

Strong Bad creates a few montages about a Wagon Fulla Pancakes.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Coach Z



STRONG BAD: {announcing} Tonight on Strong Bad Email: Comedian Coach Z, actress Marzipan, and some guy from a zoo.


Dear Strong Bad,
Why don't you creat a montage?

Surf City, NJ

{Strong Bad pronounces "creat" as it is spelled and reads NJ as "No Job"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} {in a high-pitched, mocking voice} Oooohhh! Why don't you creat an alternate reality where you don't have to spell correctly and I talk like this. And your name is Watered Down. {clears screen, continues typing in normal voice} A montage, eh Watered Down? Like, about whatever? Okay. I'll make a montage about...

{cut to an empty field} me {Strong Bad appears}, and a wagon {appears}. Full of pancakes. {pancakes appear in wagon}

{diamond wipe to Strong Bad and the wagon walking past Bubs's Concession Stand}

{wipe to Strong Bad kicking the wagon} {cut to Strong Bad pulling the wagon uphill}

STRONG BAD: Oooh, or maybe a montage of me falling in love with the wagon full of pancakes.

{heart wipe to Strong Bad in a boat with the wagon. They are both holding glasses of wine.}

{singing} Let's make this moment be the symbol of our lives
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon listening to a Taranchula LP on headphones}
We'll pawn your dad's computer
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon, under the stars}
and we'll sail to paradise
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon spinning around}
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon at the movies}
You're a girl or maybe a wagon
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon at a fast food place. Strong Bad puts ketchup on some fries}
filled up with pancakes
{cut to Strong Bad frolicing across a field as the wagon follows (on its own)}

STRONG BAD: Or maybe a montage of the wagon full of pancakes {cut to the inside of the house from Halloween} and The Cheat being down on their luck door to door salesmen.

{cut to The Cheat lying in the wagon as the wagon rolls past} {several doors slam} {singing}

You can't do it so give up now
Whatcha gonna do when your dough runs out
Ain't that a drag?

{cut to the wagon sitting in an arm chair while the Cheat lies on the floor in front, smoking}

'STRONG BAD: No, I got it. A montage of the wagon full of pancakes training {cut to Homestar in a shirt that says "The #1" looking at the wagon in a field} for the championship.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: A wagon full of pamcakes in the champeenship? I'd like to see you try. {zoom in on pancakes} {cut to the wagon climbing the stairs of a football bleachers} {cut to a close up of the wagon} {cut to the wagon in front of a 500 lbs. barbell}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Guts, guts and might {the wagon's handle collapses on top of the barbell}
{cut to Strong Bad and the wagon on a track}
Lifting weights and feeling alright {Strong Bad clicks a stop watch}
{cut to sillouhetted Strong Bad and the wagon running along a beach at sunset}
It's a showdown going down
Now you're starting to mess around showdown
{cut to the wagon ascending the bleachers again}
Put your nose down showdown
{cut to Homestar fighting the wagon as Coach Z looks on in a referee costume}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hiya! Hiya! {Homestar kicks} {the wagon's handle falls on Homestar and Homestar falls down} Oof!

COACH Z: The pamcakes wins!

{buzzer sounds, score changes from 6-6 to 6-7}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Show down

{cut to Strong Bad at the computer}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Those were some good montages, eh Watered Down? That was like, a montage of montages. The only thing we left out is the end credits photo montage. Hit it!

{cut to a glossy of Strong Bad and the wagon in the boat} HOMESTAR RUNNER: {singing} Partying party party party
{cut to glossy of Strong Bad and the wagon on the beach} It's the weekend party party party
{cut to a closeup of The Cheat lying on the floor}
CAPTION: The Cheat never sold a single box of toner. He is currently unemployed. And a wagon party party party
Full of pancakes
{cut to Homestar kicking in the gym}
CAPTION: Homestar sold his "The #1" shirt for $3(US). He got a good deal.
party party party
{cut to Strong Bad frolicing across the field alone}
CAPTION: Strong Bad went on to host some show on Animal Planet.
CAPTION: It was cancelled before the first commercial break.
And we're partying party party party
{cut to the wagon with fedora}
CAPTION: After winning the champeenship, the Wagon Fulla Pancakes did some local TV spots for a used car dealership.
It's the weekend party party party
And we're partying party party party
Everybody does it tonight
CAPTION: It currently resides in Long Beach with its spouse and 2 children.

Easter Eggs

  • Wait a bit at the end to see what becomes of The Paper.
  • At the end, click on "4 Wheels" on the wagon to see Homestar, undefeated in spirit.
  • At the end, click on "Strong Bad" to see a scene remniscient of an old Nintendo game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!!.

Fun Facts

  • The song Homestar is singing in the Easter Egg ("You're the Best") comes from the fighting montage during the tournament in the 1984 masterpiece, "The Karate Kid."
  • The scene with Strong Bad and the Wagon Fulla Pancakes sitting in the canoe is reminiscent of Strong Bad email #44, lures & jigs, where Strong Bad and Coach Z fish in the exact same spot.
  • Much of the wagon's training sequence is a parody of the training sequence from the immortal boxing epic, Rocky.
  • When Strong Bad is in the Marshmallow shop (which is from 'The Interveiw' toon) with the wagon, he's using the Bottle of Ketchup from Strong Bad Email #75
  • You hear a second of the song from the "Strong Bad" easter egg at the end.
  • There actually is a system call in the Unix operating system called "creat." It creat(e)s a new file.

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