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Strong Bad Email #61

Strong Bad hosts a monster truck event this SUNDAY SUNDAY SOMEDAY!

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Homestar Runner, The King of Town


STRONG BAD: (like Homestar on the main page) Toons! Games! I'm gonna check my eeeemail....


Hey Strong Bad,

Do you ever do TV commercials for Monster Truck Shows? I think you would be great for the voiceovers.

Your devoted fans,

Stan and Loretta

Aww...that's very sweet. {typing} Look Dan and Linda, Strong Bad doesn't sell out to anybody, man. No matter how monstrous their truck show may or may not be. Though I have done the occasional promo for the events we hold in Strong Badia. In fact, I think there's one coming up this... {stops typing, we move into a monster-truck show promo-style segment, the stuff that Strong Bad describes shows up onscreen} SUNDAY SUNDAY SOMEDAY! IT'S AWEXOME CROSS! 98! LIVE IN STRONGBADIA! THRILL! AS THE CHEAT! ATTEMPTS TO JUMP THE TIRE! OVER THE KOT! EATING A CARDBOARD BOX! COVERED IN SYRUP!

THE KING OF TOWN: This is some good cake!


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Let's do this like Brutus.

STRONG BAD: RECOIL IN HORROR! AS THE POOPSMITH LIGHTS SOME SMOKE BOMBS! AND THEN? YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO BE THERE! TO FIND OUT! ADULT ADMISSION IS STILL JUST FIVE DOLLARS! KIDS AND OLD PEOPLE NOT ALLOWED! WITHOUT A BUCKET OF FRIED CHICKEN! FOR MEEEEE! STICK AROUND! AFTER THE SHOW! FOR A FREE! PERFORMANCE! BY LIMOZEEN! {a LimoZeen song plays, then we're back to Strong Bad at Compy singing along} Heart of a lion, the wings of some stuff, because it's something! Oh-ho man, I love that song! {typing} I can't wait for this sunday sunday someday.

{The Paper comes down}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end you can click on the first "Sunday" to bring up a flyer advertisement for the show.
  • Click on the "Someday" to see an autographed Limozeen picture.

Fun Facts

  • The e-mail is signed 'Stan and Loretta', possibly a Monty Python reference (on the part of the sender). In the movie 'Life of Brian', Eric Idle plays a man named Stan who claims to be a woman named Loretta.
  • "Toons! Games! I'm gonna check my eeeemail...." is a reference to all the Main Pages.
  • The chicken bucket that says "KnF'nC" may be a reference to Guns 'n Roses' "Use Your Illusion" CD, in which a page in the liner notes says, "GnF'nR".
  • The jumpsuit The Cheat is wearing is a reference to the jumpsuits famous daredevil Evel Knievel wore during his famous motorcycle jumps.
  • The bottles of maple syrup around the cardboard box are designed similarly to those of Mrs. Butterworth's, a famous syrup brand.

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