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Strong Bad Email #73

The Crazy Go Nuts University Dumples face off against Pile of Electronics State. Real fruit smoothies are at stake.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Coach Z, Homestar Runner


STRONG BAD: Ooh! A little email never hurt nobody. 'Cept for maybe the Cheat. So what do we got here...


Dear Strong Bad,

I was wondering what CGNU's mascot is, and if they have any sports teams. Thanks for the info.


{typing} Yeah, we got a mascot, Ike. Unfortunately, The Cheat, Strong Mad, and I were really hungry when we decided on a name. So, uh, all we came up with was the Crazy Go Nuts University Dumples. I think maybe we meant dumplings? But we were really hungry and tired and sorta confused and ended up putting Dumples on the application. We do have a sports team, though. The Golf Club Team. We have a game every day at 6pm!

{cut to a shot of the scoreboard in the field, reading Home: Crazy Go Nuts University, 0; Visitor: Pile of Electronics State, 0. We then see The Cheat holding a golf club in a ring facing a pile of old electronics, with Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and Coach Z cheering him on.}

STRONG BAD: Let's go, Dumples!


COACH Z: Get yer head in the game, the Chort! The Cheat is wide open!

{The Cheat starts bashing all the electronics.}


COACH Z: Atta boy!

STRONG BAD: Go for the 8-track!

{The scoreboard gives CGNU 1 point with a buzzing noise}

THE ANNOUNCER: Dumples win!

{everyone cheers}

STRONG BAD: Look everybody! It's the jolly Dumple come to celebrate our victory!

{Cut to Homestar in the Dumple costume. It looks like a ravioli with a pirate hat, a mouth, a big tongue, and two huge hands giving thumbs-ups. The alma mater starts playing.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Fighting and sometimes striving Wondering what the Dumple is Excellence and what is valor? And The Cheat will hit stuff with a golf club {The Cheat shows up holding cue cards that spell out how to pronounce the letters and Strong Bad shouts along with it} SEE GEE IN! ... YOU!


{Back to Compy, typing}

STRONG BAD: So, we're still undefeated. But next week's going to be a tough game against Homestar's Knees Tech. Well, I gots to go. I promised the team I'd get them real fruit smoothies if they won the game. And they won the game. So I'm getting them real fruit smoothies.

{He types in 'run "fightsong"' and walks off. Compy starts playing the song, showing the letter name of each note. Once it's done, it says "GO DUMPLES!!!" and The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • You can click on "really hungry and tired" to see a "LEM" (Lem Sportsinterviews) styled cartoon of, well, them being really hungry and tired.
  • You can also click on "application" to see their mascot application, GO DUMPLES!!!
  • At the very end after the fightsong plays, you can mouse-over the notes to play them!

Fun Facts

  • In the pile of old electronics there is a Nintendo Entertainment System.

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