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Strong Bad Email #102

"Someone" says he'll show Strong Bad a hot girl if he can get Bubs to give out some free lunch specials. Strong Bad switches it up a bit.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Bubs, The Cheat, Coach Z, Homestar Runner (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Bubs' Concession Stand, The Field (Easter egg)

Computer: Compy 386

Date: April 26, 2004

Running Time: 2:51



STRONG BAD: {sings} Oh email, I'm gonna let you down easy... when I break up with you.


{Strong Bad says "Hmm. Sounds like a solid deal!" after "hot girl." He pronounces "luncch" as "lunkch" and pronounces "sincerly" as written.}

STRONG BAD: Aww, I hate it when they don't put a name. And when they misspell "sincerely." "Luncch" {pronounced as before} doesn't bother me so much.

{Strong Bad backspaces and erases the last two lines, then types out two new ones}

STRONG BAD: Well Larry, legend has it that Bubs has to give you a free lunch special if you can get him to say his name backwards - minus the first b. "Sbu." You have to get him to say, "Sbu." How hard could that be, right? I mean, I'm saying "sbu" all the time. This'll be a cakewalk. At least a sbu-walk.

{Cut to Bubs's Concession Stand. A sign that reads "Super Chinese Fish Buffalo Rice—Smoothies Too!" is hanging over the "Bubs Concession Stand" marquee. Bubs is inside holding a chicken in one arm and wiping it with a cloth. Strong Bad enters.}

BUBS: {sings} Shinin' up a chicken in the mo'nin', mo'nin'...

STRONG BAD: Hey, Bubs... Read this sign for me. {holds up a sign}

BUBS: {He squints at the sign, then reads slowly.} "Duck A L'Orange."

STRONG BAD: What? {He spins the sign around and reads it. Indeed, it says, "Duck A L'Orange." He produces a walkie-talkie.} The Cheat, I thought I told you to make it say "sbu"!

{The screen splits down the center. On the right is Strong Bad. On the left is The Cheat, who also has a walkie talkie and is sitting next to Strong Bad's computer. A piece of paper attached to the back wall says "Home Base" and has a Strong Badified skull and crossbones drawn on it.}

THE CHEAT: {assorted Cheat sounds}

STRONG BAD: Oh, you really want some duck a l'orange, huh? You know we can't afford to eat like that! {He looks to the side, then puts his hand near his mouth to hide his voice.} Aren't you a duck anyways?

THE CHEAT: {angry Cheat sounds}

STRONG BAD: I dunno. You kinda remind me of a duck...

{The screen fades to black. Fade back in to the Concession Stand. Strong Bad enters holding a mirror.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, Bubbsie! Say your name into this mirror. {He holds up the mirror.}

BUBS: Bubs!

STRONG BAD: Uh, hold on. {He puts the mirror closer to Bubs's face.} Okay, say it again. Say it real clear this time.

BUBS: {slower} Buh-ubs.

STRONG BAD: Oh, this thing is worthless! {He smashes the mirror on the ground and walks away.}

{Fade to black again. Fade back in to the Concession Stand. This time, Coach Z is there ordering something.}

COACH Z: Gimme a basket of double hot wings, pants down, a couple of egg rolls... {He slams his hands to the countertop and speaks forcefully.} ...and a cod plank platter!

BUBS: You got it!

{Strong Bad walks up and throws a hose into the stand.}

STRONG BAD: {shouting off to the side} All right, The Cheat! Crank it! {water starts pouring through the hose}

BUBS: {annoyed} Can I help you?

COACH Z: I think he's flooding you out.
STRONG BAD: I'm flooding you out!
{They stop and stare at each other.}

COACH Z: I think he—
STRONG BAD: I'm floo—
{They stop and stare at each other again, and Strong Bad puts his hand in front of Coach Z.}

STRONG BAD: I'm flooding you out until you say your name backwards minus the first B!

BUBS: Why are you trying to get me to say "sbu"?

STRONG BAD: THERE! You said it! Now you gotta give me a free lunch special!

BUBS: {shakes his head} No, no, no. Getting me to say my name backwards minus the B just makes me lose my super power!

STRONG BAD: What super power?

BUBS: Being able to fly.

STRONG BAD: You can fly?!

BUBS: Well... {He hangs his head down.} Not anymore I can't.

STRONG BAD: Oh. Right.

BUBS: Eh, I never really used it all that much. Since I gained all this weight, I could really only hover a couple two or three inches above the ground anyways.

COACH Z: {He slams his hands to the countertop and looks around and speaks frantically.} Either of you ladies gonna get me my cod plank platter?!?

{Back to the computer.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} I'm pretty sure Bubs is a big liar, but I did get him to say his name backwards minus the first B. So now you gotta show me a hot girl, Larry Pat. Or, buy me lunch. Or... whatever the deal was. I'll just go ahead and sit here and wait for the hot girl to appear on my screen, I guess. {stops typing, speaks quietly} Not like I got a whole lot else going on...mmm.

{The Paper comes down. A few seconds later, the computer beeps and a new e-mail scrolls up.}

STRONG BAD: Ooh, an email!

{Strong Bad reads the email, talking slowly and pronouncing each word just as it is written.}

STRONG BAD: Well, looks like ol' Strong Mad has finally hit the Information Superhighway like a flaming sack o' crap. Oh, and there's an attachment! Maybe he sent me a picture of a hot girl.
A fairly hot Brontosaurus.

{Strong Bad double-clicks on the word "attachment" underneath the email. A very poorly drawn picture of a dinosaur standing by a plate of bacon and eggs and a glass of orange juice, all in front of a volcano, pops up.}

STRONG BAD: {monotone} An MS Paint drawing of a Brontosaurus having breakfast. {ends monotone} Well... It's a fairly hot Brontosaurus anyhow! {talking softly} Well hey, what's happenin' Brontosaurus baby... What are you doing... Okay I gotta get out of the house!.

{Strong Bad gets up and runs away.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on the words "Larry, legend" to see a screenshot of the game Jordan vs. Bird: One-on-One for the NES.
  • After the Paper comes down, but before Strong Mad's email comes up, click on the word Bubs to see what became of Strong Bad's effort to flood the concession stand.
  • Also after the Paper comes down, but before Strong Mad's email comes up, click on the word liar to see Bubs hovering above the ground.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {Offscreen} Oh man, that is so fake. Seriously. You can totally see the strings!

Fun Facts


  • When The Cheat is next to Compy 386, it reads:


  • This is another case of Compy 386 acquiring a mouse cursor, despite the fact that it does not have a mouse and no cursor is normally seen. There is the possibility that the cursor is being manipulated through the right-hand numeric keypad.
  • The Brontosaurus has actually been renamed Apatosaurus.


  • The MS Paint drawing of a Brontosaurus eating breakfast is not affected by the contrast buttons. However, the screen behind it is.
  • When Strong Bad angrily throws the mirror at the ground, Bubs' reflection can still be seen in the mirror, but with no body.

Inside References

  • The author of the email seems to be referring to the lunch specials at the end of no loafing.
  • The Cold One that The Cheat is lounging with in the Easter egg is a Coldson Lite, first seen in labor day.
  • When The Cheat is lounging, he has the same expression on his face and is in the same position he had in privileges.
  • This e-mail marks the second time The Cheat has been mistaken for a bird of some kind, the other being in helium, in which Homestar identified the floating, helium-filled The Cheat as "an ugly bird."

Real-World References

  • The "Larry, legend" Easter egg refers to Larry Bird, a former player for the Boston Celtics. He is widely considered to be one of the greatest NBA players ever and is often referred to as "Larry Legend" by his fans.
  • Getting Bubs to say his name backwards (minus the first 'B') sounds like a spoof of Mr. Mxyzptlk, a mischief-making villain from the Superman comics. In order to get the reality-warping imp to go back to his home dimension, Superman had to trick Mxyzptlk into saying his name backwards.
  • In the background when The Cheat is lounging, you hear The Brothers Chaps' version of "Aloha Oe," a popular Hawaiian tune.
  • The walkie-talkies used by Strong Bad and The Cheat are World War 2 portable radios.
  • Captain D's is a chain of fast-food stores that sells seafood.

Fast Forward

  • The word "sbu" shows up in Strong Bad's list of 3-letter words in boring (really).

DVD Version

  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman, Ryan Sterritt)

MATT: All right, we're going "all in" on this one guys.

RYAN: All in.

MATT: All in.

RYAN: Gotta groove.

MATT: Sound, sound off.

RYAN: Sound one.

MATT: Sound two.

MIKE: Sound three!

{Mike starts to say "Sound four" and laughs}

MATT: All right, guys.

RYAN: I think we're ready.

MATT: um, what do you guys think of this preposition—

MIKE: Matt and I made this email, guys. Matt and I made this cartoon. What do you think?

RYAN: I think you guys got something.

{Mike laughs}

RYAN: I'm not afraid to say that you guys are very good.

{Mike laughs again}

RYAN: Keep on "keepin' on". Keep on.

MIKE: Keepin' on? Keep on.

RYAN: That was a Family Ties slogan.

MIKE: Really?

RYAN: They had like—

MIKE: Really? Nice.

RYAN: Nick At Night showed a bunch in a row.


RYAN: And all the commericals are "keep on keepin' on"

{Mike and Matt laugh}

MATT: That's a good one.

MIKE: I was gonna be impressed if they had done that back in 1987 or something.

MATT: Yeah.

MATT: Oh it was on retro stuff or retrothon like that.

RYAN: Yeah.

MATT: Oh so super Chinese—

MIKE: super Chinese fish buffalo rice is pretty much....There was a place by the Braves' Stadium that we were driving by one time. And there are several restaurants around Atlanta that are—

MATT: It's a trend, I think, in all metro areas.

MIKE: —like buffalo wings. Chinese food and—

MATT: there's one that was called "Philly", "Philly...", "Philly...wing", "Philly wing rice". "Philly wing fish" I think, and underneath it said it says "Chinese food".

{Mike laughs}

MATT: So, yeah, we were missing "Philly cheese steaks" because that seems to be...that seems to be a part. It's just wings, chinese food, philly cheese steaks, fish, fried fish, rice.

MIKE: Sign me up—

RYAN: Fried chicken.

MATT: Yeah.

MIKE: Sign me up.

MATT: I'm in.

RYAN: What's not to trust about it?

MATT: Exactly.

RYAN: I bet there's a gravy that you can get to put over all of it.


MATT: That sounds good. Gravy?

RYAN: Cod plank platter—

MATT: Let's go for lunch today, guys. We haven't had lunch today yet. Let's go get a cod plank platter

RYAN: What is a cod plank platter? I had to ask—

MATT: {different voice} Back to Red Lobster, boys.

{Everyone laughs}

MATT: Red Lobster Friday!


MATT: Uh, so were you gonna comment on how great that uh, hose thing towards the camera was, Mike?

MIKE: Yes.

RYAN: I like it.

MIKE: I was gonna wonder about how long you spent—

MATT: Probably two to three hours while you finished the rest of the email—

RYAN: Yeah, this is the point of contention that whenever Matt leaves the room, Mike always complains about how, how detailed the animations are.

MIKE: It's good—

MATT: We're trying to finish. It's three in the morning. Isn't that good?

MIKE: It is good.

RYAN: Quality artwork.

MIKE: It's good now.

RYAN: yeah. It's not good—

MIKE: At four in the morning on Sunday. I'd rather you make a really crappy—looking hose. {laughs}. Oh, by the way, this one— it's not gonna be on the commentary, but the easter egg on this one where it shows the cheat floating inside—

MATT: Uh huh.

MIKE: right, Bubs Concession Stand on the inner tube. That is, by far, my favorite easter egg or just scene that still just looks like— nice ripples.

MATT: It's your fine—

MIKE: It's so relaxing.

MATT: It's your finest moment. It's almost as relaxing as, yeah, as—

MATT AND MIKE: Taking a break.

MIKE: Awww, that makes me depressed for Strong Bad.

MIKE: {quickly} and me.


RYAN: And me?

MIKE: {laughs} We still going here? {cough}

RYAN: This might be a delayed—

MATT AND MIKE: oh, look at that!

MATT: This is that one where we've got this whole part where it's Stlong Mad—

MIKE: The Uh...

RYAN: Great MS Paint drawing.

MIKE: —Dinosaur. I wanted to keep doing this, like have, you know, weekly or semi—weekly feature of Strong Mad's bad MS Paint drawings.

RYAN: You got a lot of images we could put on there. Isn't that on the DVD, where there was extra emails? This is from that.

MATT: Yeah, here it is. Here's 102B. {laugh} Look at that thing! That thing's amazing.

RYAN: People have their own versions of that drawing.


RYAN: Uh huh.

MIKE: People still use MS Paint.

RYAN: A lot.

MATT: and see this is even more depressing. Strong Bad starts hitting on that MS Paint Brontosaurous

MIKE: Good lookin'

MATT: A low point for Strong Bad—

RYAN: —Is that OJ?

MATT: So he runs off.

RYAN: Yeah.

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