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Strong Bad Email #43

Strong Bad receives a very clear and concise e-mail from Viklas. He can't even believe that Viklas's native language isn't actually English, but Swedish! So of course he has to respond in kind.

Features: Strong Bad


STRONG BAD: {singing} All the ladies want to know, who's checkin' that e-mail? Was it Strong Bad?


Dear, Strong Bad!

Here is some little questions:
1. Has you some time play football?
2. How did you seen out when you was a baby?
3. How did you think you came's to seen out when you are wery old?


STRONG BAD: Oh really? Never would have guessed you weren't from around here. Lessee here, what's the best way to answer this one?

{begins typing, with subtitles included}

STRONG BAD: For Viklas. Hi? {Sup, Viklas?}

1. Prehaps! I'm've was to make football often times. {I love football. It's the best.} Play? Know. {Oh wait, are you asking about soccer?} Best football results twice again. {I hate soccer. It's the worst.}

2. Every age I have seen out as a baby. {I was one hot baby.} I think I has the solution: {All the girl babies were like...} width times height. {"check out that hot baby."}

3. As a wery old, I can fathom the scene to be with me. {I didn't know what you were talking about here.} Looking always as I ever did. {Hey, send me some of those Swedish fish.} It was not came's. {Oh! And Swedish meatballs!} He borrowed mine. {That would be awesome.}

Okay, Viklas, I hope that answers your questions. I think we're on the same page. Unfortunately, yours has a big F on it.

- Stark Dålig

{Viklas's e-mail appears as a paper with red marks and a big F on it. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end of this one when the paper appears click on the word "Sweden" for a funny Strongbadia meets Sweden animation.
  • For another funny animation, click now on the Swedish flag.

Fun Facts

  • When Strong Bad says "I think I has the solution", it is a reference to In Search Of The Yello Dello DVD.
  • Stark Dålig means "Strong Bad" in swedish.
  • The "back button" in the Easter Egg has a Swedish makeover, which would be prounounced something like "bock".
  • Swedish Fish is a real food. It is a red, gummy candy shaped like a fish. There are usually around 25 in a packet. Look around in your local candy shop, and you might find some.

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