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StrongBadEmail #83

"Chrispy" from Schenectady, NY asks Strong Bad what he's doing for Labor Day. Strong Bad decides to take the day off and not answer an e-mail and instead sits by The Stick and says stuff to the people who walk by.

Features: Strong Bad, Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, Coach Z, The King of Town, Strong Mad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Bubs, Marzipan, Strong Sad


STRONG BAD: Which e-mail is your favorite? Mine is the basics.

{before reading the e-mail, Strong Bad says "Shang-a-lang-a--"}

Dear Strong Bad,

I was wondering what you're doing
for Labor Day.

Your friend,
Schenectady, NY

{typing} Woah! Is today Labor Day?! Well I'm certainly not gonna answer an email! I'ma take the day off. Wow. All of the sudden it's like the world is my place where I don't have to answer an email. Think I'll go sit on my cooler next to The Stick and say stuff to people as they walk by.

Now that's what I call the ol' Labor-Dabor.

{Cut to Strong Bad sitting on top of his cooler next to The Stick. The cooler sports a handmade "labor dabor" sign. Enter PomPom with snack tray, bouncing along.}

STRONG BAD: Hey PomPom, man, it's Labor Day. Why don't you get a life?

{PomPom makes bubbling noises and exits.}

STRONG BAD: That guy needs to get a life for real. Like me! I got a great life! Chillin' with my cooler at The Stick, sayin' stuff to people.

{The Poopsmith enters with jar of BROWN MAYO.}

STRONG BAD: Nice stench there, buddy. Smellin' real nice. I give you an A+ on smell. Or rather, you get a A+ on smellin' like crap. And a solid F- on smellin' any good.

{Poopsmith exits.}

STRONG BAD: That guy doesn't smell any good.

{Coach Z enters with a six pack of which only one can of "COLDSON lite" remains.}

STRONG BAD: And if it isn't Coach Z. Good ol'.. green Coach Z. Hey, I always wondered, is your skin green or are you wearing a green body suit? Y'know with footies and sockies.

COACH Z: Oh, I got footies alright -- athlete's footies!

{Coach Z exits, The King of Town enters.}

STRONG BAD: Ah, the self-proclaimed King of Town. Like you aren't an easy target for my witty jibes and clever put-downs. Whatever will I say?

KING OF TOWN: Do you have anything relatively edible in that cooler?

STRONG BAD: No. You're fat. High-five, The Stick! {Strong Bad high-fives the stick and a piece of The Stick breaks off.} Oh. Sorry, The Stick.

{King of Town exits, Strong Mad and The Cheat enter with a pair of badminton racquets.}

STRONG BAD: Oh! The two guys. Strong Mad and The Cheat. The guys in which one of them is really big and the other is really small. Nice contrast, there, guys! ... That's all I got.

{Strong Mad and The Cheat exit.}

STRONG BAD: Well, this is shaping up to be one heck of a Labor-Dabor. Hey, The Stick, you want a burger?

{Cut to Labor Day party tableau with the whole gang except Strong Bad -- Homestar Runner's "Everybody Knows It" is playing in the background.}

BUBS: This here is the best Labor Day BBQ I ever been BB-to.

MARZIPAN: I wonder why?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Has anyone seen Strong Bad? I sent him an invitation.

STRONG SAD: Maybe it got "da-leet-ed".

{All laugh.}

COACH Z: {laughing} Oh, gee, life of the pratty.

BUBS: Three cheers for Strong Sad!

{Cut to Strong Bad laying on the cooler next to The Stick, which has a burger stuck on top of it.}

STRONG BAD: So, The Stick, how's your burger? Sorry about that high-five thing. {mumbles something} I'm gonna go check my e-mail.

{The Paper comes out.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on Crispy's name to see Schenectady Crispies!
  • To see what is inside Strong Bad's cooler, click on the cooler when KOT comes by and mentions the cooler.
  • Click on the "Labor Dabor" sign to hear Homestar sing "Everybody Knows It"
  • To see a "Schenectady Crispies" commercial starring Strong Bad, click on his Diamond.

Fun Facts

  • Coach Z's beer is called Coldson Lite. (As in Molson Lite?)
  • In this email, Strong Bad reveals that his favorite email is the basics. Yet this was never mentioned in personal favorites.
  • The pen in the cooler is the Ab-Abber 2000.

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