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Strong Bad Email #52

Strong Bad imagines the lurking horrors of being stranded on an island with Homestar.

Features: Strong Bad, Homestar Runner


STRONG BAD: Strong Bad Emails are a part of this balanced breakfast.

{reading the email}

Dear Strong Bad, 
What would you do if you were stuck
on a desert island with Homestar

Yami Yugi

{typing} Well, Yami Yugi, {can't pronounce the name} I suspect it would be like most cartoons. You know, we'd start to go nuts after a while, and I'd look at Homestar and he would look like a big steak, and then Homestar would look at me and I'd look like, you know,...some kind of brownie sundae. So we'd chase each other around the island, trying to eat each other. And at some point my foot would look like a sandwich, and i would put salt on it and try to eat it, and it'd be like, "Ahh, it's my foot!" But that's a best case scenario. I'm sure in real life it would probably be a lot more annoying and painful with Homestar involved. {when he says "Homestar", he types "Dumpface"}

{cut to Homestar and Strong Bad on an island}



HOMESTAR RUNNER: Are we rescued yet?

STRONG BAD: You're gonna need to get rescued in a second if you don't quit asking me that.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ohhhhhhhh... Hey Strong Bad.


HOMESTAR RUNNER: Is there ice cream yet?

STRONG BAD: You're gonna need to get ice cream in a second if you don't quit asking me that. You know... cuz I'm gonna hit you... and you'll need the ice cream... to stop the swelling.


STRONG BAD: Um...Did you just call me Stinkoman?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yes sir, I did.

STRONG BAD: Geez. You don't happen to have a gun on your side of the island, do you?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No. Hey Strong Bad, check this out! {turns away}

STRONG BAD: Oh, don't start with that...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Toons! {A ocean liner passes by with a loud "toot"}

STRONG BAD: Homestar...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Games! {An angry-looking, red-eyed Moby Dick-style white whale, with harpoons embedded in its body, emerges from the left side of the water. It spurts water from its blowhole and then goes back into the water.}

STRONG BAD: Don't do another one...

HOMESTAR RUNNER: E-mail! {A propeller plane with a "WEAR A BIKINI" banner attached to it flies by} I love doing that.

STRONG BAD: Hey, check it out. A message in a bottle. (takes it out and reads it) What? Super Bowl XIX... Miami Dolphins vs. San Fransisco 49ers... great.


STRONG BAD: This is the worst deserted island ever.

{The paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad -", click on the text to email him.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the end of this one you can click on Strong Bad and Homestar to make them turn into various things.

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad says Homestar but writes "Dump Face"
  • One of the things Strong Bad turns into is a pile of marshmallows with a cigar and eyepatch. This is from Meet Marshie!.
  • The 49ers beat the dolphins 38-16 in Super Bowl XIX.
  • Homestar called Strong Bad Stinkoman. This is the name Strong Bad used for his 20X6 couterpart in japanese cartoon.
  • The name of the person in the email is the same as a character from an anime called yu-gi-oh, Yami Yugi.
  • When Homestar yells out, "Toons," "Games," and "E-mail", various things pop out of the water. This is a reference to Main Page 3. However, several things have been switched up.

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