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*[ watch "huttah!"]
*[ watch "huttah!"]
*[ view the flash file]
*[ view the flash file]
{{Strong Bad Email}}

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Strong Bad Email #60

Strong Bad has to fight off the hordes of The Cheat-lovers.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat


STRONG BAD: Chee-wit! Chee-wit! Chee-wi-chee-wi-email.


Dear Strong Bad,

How come you never let The Cheat answer any emails?

Lasko {Strong Bad says this low, long, and drawn-out} Milwaukee, WI {he says "Wisaconasin"}

{typing} Well, Lasko {said as before}, The Cheat is not very popular and he never really gets many emails and um, to tell you the truth, I don't even think he has a computer. {stops typing} Alright, next email. {He makes a vocal sound effect as the next e-mail scrolls up, henceforth "vocal sfx".}


Hey Strong Bad!

i love The Cheat! can you ask him for me if he is taken? because i like him WAY better then--{stops reading} Augh, seen enough of that one. {the rest of the email reads: you

-Nobuyoshi Shigeta, New York}

{vocal sfx; reading}

Dear Strong Bad,

You and the Cheat are the only reason I go on this website. {stops reading} Oh, thank you! {reading, his mood souring} Actually just the Cheat, but you are ok too.

Love, Mito {Strong Bad says "Dumpo"}

Jeeze, all these Cheat emails. Moving on. {The screen flashes "MOVING ON!!" with the "deleted" noise and the blue screen. We zoom out to see The Cheat watching the email on his iMac. He gets progressively angrier as it progresses.}

{vocal sfx; reading} Dear Strong Bad, I think The Cheat is hot. Could you hook us up?

Haelee, Utah

That's funny, Haelee. I think the Cheat is deleted. BAAH! {DELETED!! reading}

Hey Strong Bad

My girlfriend thinks The Cheat is cute.

Tyler, California

{The Cheat storms off in a fit. Cut back to just Strong Bad at Compy.}

Come on, people! He's not even that cute! He looks like a...a cheese! {The Cheat walks up to him} Or maybe an anvil. {The Cheat squeaks.} Uhhh...which are two of the finest things in life. A cheese...or an anvil. Hey The Cheat! Just, uh, talking you up to one of the fans here! {The Cheat squeaks} Oh. So you been...watching the email, huh? {The Cheat squeaks} No, I haven't been holding out on you! I made all those emails up! Uh...most of the emails you get are not that friendly, lemme tell you. If you just turn around for a second I could show you! {pause, then Strong Bad tapes a piece of paper to Compy saying "the cheat" covering the place where Strong Bad's name usually appears} HUTTAH!



I HATE YOU, HOLMES, California

{to The Cheat} See? This guy doesn't like that you don't have a shirt on, and he thinks your gloves are stupid! And then there's this one:


Dear the cheat

how do you type with boxing gloves on your hands?


{to The Cheat} I've been wondering about that, too! What is with you and those boxing gloves anyway?

{The Cheat squeaks and a black cloud of smoke escapes from his head. He walks away.}

So okay bye! Whooh. I think I handled that pretty well! That coulda been...awkward. I deserve a reward. {he runs take-a-break.exe, which is a screen saver of a beach} Aahhh... so relaxing. Fshhhhhhhhh! Fshhhhhhhhh! Listen to the waves, man. {a bird flaps past} Oh, hello my wingéd friend!

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • At the very end while Strong Bad is watching "Take-a-break.exe" you can click on the bird to download the "take-a-break.exe" for Windows or Mac.

Fun Facts

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