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The first appearance of Homsar!!
This is an article about homsar, the Strong Bad Email. For the character of the same name, see Homsar.

Strong Bad Email #2

A misspelling of "Homestar" leaves Strong Bad "killing" "Homsar".

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homsar

Places: Computer Room, The Field

Date: Unknown

Running Time: 0:43



STRONG BAD: {singing} I'm gonna check my email all of the time, doo doo doo... {stops singing}

Hi Strong Bad,
If you hate Homsar so much, 
why don't you kill him?
-Vinnie C.

STRONG BAD: You know what, Vinnie? You're right. I'll be right back.

{Cut to Homsar standing in a field. Strong Bad enters the frame in the foreground.}

STRONG BAD: Hey, Homsar!

HOMSAR: Uhdyeah, What ees it, Strong Baaaaayd?

{Strong Bad leaves the frame and the HEAVY LOURDE falls on Homsar, completely crushing him.} {Cut back to Tandy 400.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh man, Vinnie. That feels so much better. Thanks a lot! {stops typing} Okay, so until next time keep sending me your questions and I will keep making fun of your punctuation and spelling. I mean, answer them.

{The Paper comes out and it says "Click here to e-mail strong bad", click on the text to email him.}

Fun Facts


  • "Lourde" is French for "heavy."
  • The bi-lingual labeling on the weight is a reference to the multi-lingual labeling of items required in Canada and becoming more prevalent in the United States since the advent of NAFTA.


  • This is the first email in which Strong Bad makes fun of someone's spelling.
  • This is also the first email that shows an area outside of the computer room.
  • This is Homsar's first appearance.
  • This is the first email where a character besides Strong Bad appears.
  • The back button at the end of this email used to go to the games menu instead of the Strong Bad Email menu (an "old emails" button used to be present that would link to the old emails). After flashback was released, The Brothers Chaps removed the old emails button and fixed the back link.


  • Strong Bad's mouth doesn't move when he says "Doo doo doo".

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