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*the lights are off and [[Gavin]] is shown on the lappy because it had been a mounth and 18 days since the previous Sbemail.
*the lights are off and [[Gavin]] is shown on the lappy because it had been a month and 18 days since the previous Sbemail.

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Strong Bad Email #136

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Coach Z, Bubs, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Pom Pom, The King of Town, Strong Mad


Computer: Lappy 486

Date: September 26, 2005

Running Time: 3:38



{Cut to the Lappy, Gavin is crawling on the screen, the lights are out, Strong Bad is not present, the lights suddenly turn on}

STRONG BAD: {Walks in} A little bit of email. Some you-and-me mail. {begins reading}

{Reads "marc baroni AZ" as macaroni from A to Z}

STRONG BAD: Oh! Alphabet macaroni! {typing} The get up noise? Oh wait, you mean the Geddup Noise. This guy!

{Strong Bad gets up and sits down three time, making the noise each time}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Ahhh, what fun! But that's not even the real Geddup Noise. That's just his cousin, Chairscoot. {clears screen} No, the real Geddup noise split quite some time ago. Somewheres around email 84, Ol' Geddy got all big overseas. And then then the phone calls started coming in.

{Cut to a close-up shot of Strong Bad. He is holding a phone.}

STRONG BAD: {into phone} Hello? What? Yes, no, yes.

{Zoom out to show that he's in his computer room.}

STRONG BAD: {tosses phone at stool} It's for you.

{The Geddup Noice is heard.}

And then the phone calls started coming in.

STRONG BAD: {to the stool} Hello? What? Yes. No. Yes. It’s for you. {Throws phone at stool} STOOL: {makes the geddup noise} STRONG BAD: {typing} And before I know it, every-freakin-body’s talking

COACH Z: Okay, now I got one Bubs-O. Who am I supposed to be? {imitates geddup noise} BUBS: Is that supposed to be the geddup noise? COACH Z: Hang on! Hang on! Let me switch my pitch up! {imitates geddup noise} BUBS: Way-oh way-oh? I’ll be in the basement! COACH Z: Way-oh! Waaaay-oh!

BOOOOM BOX (STRONG BAD): Hold onto your panties, people {fart noise}, oh, what’s up, ‘cause we got the Geddup Noise all up in this piece! {geddup noise, followed by laughter} Oh, man, we got a live one here! STRONG SAD: Oh, man. The Geddup Noise used to be cool.

HOMESTAR: As always, at center square, we have the Geddup Noise. What do you say, Geddy? GEDDUP NOISE: {makes the geddup noise, followed by applause} HOMESTAR: Now that is just special. But I’m afraid the correct answer was way-oh, way-oh {“WAY-OH WAY-OH” appears on screen as Homestar says it}. But you will receive some fine parting gifts. ANNOUNCER: That’s right, Kevin. The Geddup Noise will receive a year’s supply of our home game!

STRONG BAD: Even The Cheat was able to snag a piece of the Geddup Pie with his indy-tronic remix.


STRONG BAD: And before long, a bunch of cheap knock-offs started showing up.

KING OF TOWN: Hello America! It’s the standing-up noise! {stands up} Dooooo-oooo!

STRONG BAD: And now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite sound, the Git Outcha Seat Sound! Isn’t that right, the Teach? THE TEACH (STRONG MAD): Blue sock! Blue sock!

STRONG BAD: Heh heh. That was just not, nu- anything. So after that, Geddy bought a house in the Coches and now he just snowboards all day. He still pops up here and there in the odd, or sometimes very odd celebrity endorsement. ANNOUNCER: Geddup Noise Approved!

STRONG SAD: Frickin’ sell-out!

STRONG BAD: {typing} So I suppose that more than adequately answers your question, Shoshoni Macaroni.

HOMESTAR: {to stool} Excuse me sir, could I trouble you for an autograph? STRONG BAD: Homestar, you know that’s not even the original Geddup Noise. It’s his cousin… HOMESTAR: …I know, Chairstool. It’s my generation’ s Geddup Noise! Uh, could you make it out to Lou Dobbs? STRONG BAD: That’s it, I’m outta here. HOMESTAR: Ah! There it is! It’s positively dreamy! Uhhhh! {faints}

Easter Eggs

  • Click "Coches" to see a postcard from Coches Mountains with Monkey D.
  • Click on the notepad and it'll bring up autograph #1:
My Pal
Lou Dobbs,
Stay real!

Click on it again and it'll bring up autograph #2:

Lou Dobbs,
you've been 
working out?
- Brent Musburger

Fun Facts



  • the lights are off and Gavin is shown on the lappy because it had been a month and 18 days since the previous Sbemail.


Inside References

  • Coach Z's dance in the easter egg is from A Folky Tale.
  • The wacky DJ was first heard in radio.

Real-World References

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