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*[[Wikipedia:Tetris|Tetris]] is a video game created by [[Wikipedia:Alexey Pajitnov|Alexey Pajitnov]].
*[[Wikipedia:Tetris|Tetris]] is a video game created by [[Wikipedia:Alexey Pajitnov|Alexey Pajitnov]].
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{{Strong Bad Email}}
{{Strong Bad Email}}

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Strong Bad Email #169
watch your funeral rough copy
"D'wanna know what my dream job would be?"

Strong Bad answers an email from work.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Bubs, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom

Places: The Office

Computer: Corpy NT6

Date: April 9, 2007

Running Time: 3:24

Page Title: Corpy NT6!



{Close-up of the lower half of Strong Bad's face. He holds his hand over his mouth.}

STRONG BAD: {sotto voce} Shhh! Shut up, you guys! I'm checkin' email from work today, and I can't let The Man know what I'm doing!

{Cut to Strong Bad typing on a computer with a grey monitor that reads "Corpy NT6"}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, tiptoe your fingers 'cross the keyboard for the quietest email you can check.

{Buzz noise. An error message with a picture of a hand blocking a basketball appears with the text "BLOCKED! Back to work, drone!"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Oh, man. They got everything blocked now. Even those awesome pop-up insurance ads with the cool mini-games in 'em. I tasered that gnome like ten times! {stops typing} Good thing The Cheat hooked me up with this Cheatware!

{Strong Bad holds up a yellow 3.5" diskette with black spots; the label reads "Cheatware ver. 2.1" and has an ASCII drawing of The Cheat. He puts it in the computer. The text "Grandma Edgar's Corporate Firewall Get-Arounder" appears on the screen with a picture of an old woman and a brick wall. The screen changes to an animation of the old woman pole vaulting over the wall into an envelope.}

STRONG BAD: Oh, nice work, pixo-Granny! Undermine those corporate oppressors on witcha bad self! {brings up email}

{Strong Bad reads "The Nitwon" as "The Nittle One"}}

STRONG BAD: {typing} You ask like I haven't told you guys a million times... {drumroll sounds; Strong Bad clears screen} I'd be a 2nd 2nd Assistant Space Whale Scrubber! {"tada" sound effect; the words "Space Whale Scrubber" flash in many colors} Cause those are the ones that get to wear that glittery pantsuit and use a lazormop to scrub all the nudules and crudules off the whale's dorsal ridge! {Crickets chirp. Strong Bad looks around.} Umm, shouldn't we be seeing some of this by now?

BUBS: {offscreen} Baghh!

{Cut to view of Bubs standing behind Strong Bad, who is facing him}

BUBS: Sorry, Strong Bad! The suits had me install a firewall on your imagination! All that free thinking was wasting the company's cost money!

{Close up of Strong Bad's face}

STRONG BAD: Oh, that's it! I am totally never gonna quit this job but start complaining about it a little bit more!

{Back to view Strong Bad and Bubs}

BUBS: Well, I'd better get back to tasering that gnome! Err, I mean, upgrading the taser in that gnome! Server!

{return to view of Strong Bad in front of the Corpy}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Well, I guess I could try and describe it using work approved methods. {clears screen, brings up a blank graph} Let's see: {types, the words appear in red above the graph} Why 2nd 2nd Assistant Space-Whale Scrubber is My Dream Job. Twenty percent pantsuit {a green bar comes up from the bottom of the graph with "20%" written on it and "pantsuit" written under it}, seventeen percent space-whale proximity... {a shorter purple bar comes up with "17%" written on it and "space-whale proximity" written under it}

STRONG SAD: {offscreen} Hey, cube neighbor!

{Cut to Strong Sad looking at Strong Bad over the side of his cubicle}

STRONG SAD: My work staysh is asking me if I want to log off or log out. Which one do I choose?

STRONG BAD: Psss. Stupid temp. You don't know the difference between logging off and logging out?

STRONG SAD: Well, no. Back when I was in charge of the schwa sound at they used to...

STRONG BAD: {interrupting} Look, just hold down escape, control, tab, alt, both shifts, num lock and a little squeegly until your screen turns blue. Then, stare at it until your shift ends.

STRONG SAD: Oh, thanks!

{Strong Sad Goes back down into his own cubicle. Cut back to Strong Bad in front of the Corpy.}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Okay. Back to the, back to the sbemail. Let's talk about dorsal ridges!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: You wanna know what—

{Cut to Homestar Runner behind Strong Bad}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: my dream job would be?.

STRONG BAD: No. I mean, no. I mean, no.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I'd be the guy—

'Cut to a shot of blue sky with clouds}

HOMESTAR RUNNER:—that flies around {Homestar Runner falls onto and starts riding a large flying goldfish} on that fake plastic goldfish, painting the clouds with an oversized novelty toothbrush!

STRONG BAD: Hey! How come your imagination's working?

{cut back to Homestar Runner and Strong Bad}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I got admin privileges! It helps when you're best friends with the Big Cheese!

{Zoom out; Pom Pom is behind Homestar with sunglasses above his eyes and carrying a bicycle with the text "[...]IG CHEESE"}

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Agh! {jumps, turns around} The Big Cheese!

POM POM: {bubble noises}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {bends over with a sad look} Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. Right away, sir. Hallelujah, sir. {Pom Pom and Homestar Runner begin to walk offscreen} I'll have that DNA evidence on your desk by five.

{Back to Strong Bad in front of the Corpy}

STRONG BAD: Nevermind, Nitwit. Checking sbemails at the office is not worth the trouble. I dunno how all those bloggers do it. Oh well. I guess I'd better get back to woik.

{Screen clears; a message appears saying "Would you like to:"; there are two buttons, one that says "Log off", one that says "Log out"}.

STRONG BAD: {mumbles, typing noises} 'Scape... tab... sqyeegly... {with each type, a word appears onscreen: "<"}

'{Compy 386 startup sound; blue screen with the words "TEMP LOG OFF/OUT ERROR" and "Oh you are SOOOO not going to work here again!" comes up. The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on the Dullard to bring up a Dullard comic.
  • Click on "work" at the end to play "Tazer the Gnome For Low Rates."

Fun Facts


  • A firewall is meant to protect a computer or network from viruses or spyware.
  • A temp is a short-term worker.
  • A blog, or "weblog", is a journal-like user generated website.
  • "Insurance games" is a reference to online advertisements from companies like that feature Flash-based games which lead to the company's website when played.
  • The screen turning blue is a reference to the blue screen of death, a windows system error screen.
  • A schwa is a unstressed, neutral vowel, represented by an ə (an upside down e).
  • The squiggly (~) is known as the tilde.
  • "Corpy is a portmanteau of corporation and compy.


Inside References

  • This is the fifth email running to mention DNA Evidence.
  • Strong Sad previously said "staysh" in Missing Lappy.
  • This is another program mentioning Edgar.
  • Using a lazormop to scrub all the nudules and crudules off the space whale's dorsal ridge is another example of Lasers.

Real-World References

===External Links=== (email currently down)

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