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===Fast Forward===
===Fast Forward===
*The Cheat being referred to as "A Bad Penny" is also used much later in [[Halloween Fairstival]] when Strong Bad calls both Strong Mad and The Cheat his "bad pennies."
*The Cheat being referred to as "A Bad Penny" is also used much later in [[Halloween Fairstival]] when Strong Bad calls both Strong Mad and The Cheat his "bad pennies."
*The background of the last scene would later be used for the title screen of [[Population: Tire]].
==DVD Version==
==DVD Version==

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Our national colors

Strong Bad Email #32

Pablo wishes Strong Bad a happy Flag Day.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad

Places: Computer Room, Strongbadia

Computer: Tandy 400

Date: June 17, 2002

Running Time: 2:00

Page Title: TANDY 400!!



STRONG BAD: {singing} Riballa diballa check e-mail.{stops singing}

STRONG BAD: Oh, you sound like some kind of popstar, man. Look Out Ladies Production presents: Pablo Phoenix, this Friday at the civic center. {typing} Anyways, Pablo. Happy Flag Day to you too, man. It just so happens Strong Badia has about the coolest flag you ever saw. {His voice starts echoing a lot, like he's speaking in front of a really large crowd} Would everyone please rise for the presentation of our national colors.

{The Cheat is standing beside the flag pole and pulls up the flag of Strongbadia. The flag has three horizontal stripes, one red, one white, and one brown. In the middle, there's a picture of a green snake holding a knife in its tail and crawling through a tire. The Cheat starts playing on a synthesizer.}

Strong Badia National Anthem

{spoken} (Oh... Oh, I like that! Oh yeah!)

{singing} Come to the place where tropical breezes blow.

Come to the coolest place I know.

The people are so great,

But really there's only me,

And that means I'm so great,

And also there's The Cheat.

Oh there's The Cheat in the place where the tropical breezes blow.

The Cheat in the coolest place I know.

The ones are always cold,

And the parties last all night,

And there's probably lots of chocolate,

And population tire.

{falsetto voice } Population...Ti-i-i-i-ire

{The Paper comes down.}

Easter Eggs

  • When Strong Bad starts talking about Pablo's name you can click on it to see a mock-ticket for an event with Limozeen. It says
Look Out Ladies Productions Presents
An Evening with
Pablo Phoenix
w/ Special Guest
Civic Center
Fri 21 June 2002 7:35pm
  • After Strong Bad's coin, you can quickly click on The Cheat and see his coin, which reads "2 Bits" and "A Bad Penny."

Fun Facts


  • This cartoon marks another of the very few times blood is seen in a Homestar Runner cartoon, when Strong Bad is seen drawing the Strongbadia coat-of-arms on Strong Mad's arm with an X-Acto Knife. Another cartoon on the site that had an instance of blood is In Search of the Yello Dello.
  • This is the last email read on the Tandy 400 before it explodes.


  • The flag is made up of parts of Strongbadia. The brown part represents the dirt, the white part represents the fence with the jagged top, and the red part possibly represents Strong Bad himself or the Stop Sign. The Tire is next to the fence and the Big Knife is from numerous places. The snake doesn't seem to represent anything of Strongbadia in particular, although an early version of the American Flag (with a prominent snake on it and the slogan, "Don't Tread on Me") could be the inspiration behind it.
  • When The Cheat is playing the tune while Strong Bad sings, he only presses one key. Old Casio keyboards would often allow you to play a preset background tune with harmonics by pressing one button.
  • The chord progression at the end of the anthem, as Strong Bad sings "Population Ti-i-i-ire," is a plagal cadence, often referred to as the "amen" cadence for its use at the conclusion of sacred music.


  • When The Cheat is raising the flag and it is hanging down, the line between the red and white stripes is straight. When it is fluttering in the breeze, it is jagged.

Inside References

  • On the ticket to Pablo Phoenix's event, all the way on the right, vertically, it says "no refunds no delabors," which is a reference to the numerous members of the Delabor family that work at Thorax Corporation.

Fast Forward

  • The Cheat being referred to as "A Bad Penny" is also used much later in Halloween Fairstival when Strong Bad calls both Strong Mad and The Cheat his "bad pennies."
  • The background of the last scene would later be used for the title screen of Population: Tire.

DVD Version

  • All of this email's eggs can still be viewed using the angle button.
  • The DVD version features hidden creators' commentary. To access it, switch your DVD player's audio language selection while watching.

Commentary Transcript

(Commentary by: Matt Chapman, Mike Chapman)

MATT: Hello, this is more commentary.

MIKE: This is more commentary, too. Thank you for joining us.

MATT: Uh... I think Pablo Phoenix was, well, back when we had a message board on the website—

MIKE: Yeah, he was one of the regulars

MATT: —was one of the regulars, yeah, which was kind of cool. We didn't know, tha—well, a— well, at the time, but later on he showed up and... true.

MIKE: Something that uh, we often talk about is the original lyrics to the Strongbadia National Anthem

MATT: Oh yeah, tell them—they're written down somewhere

MIKE: Yeah, I think I sang those this morning. Um, which were "This one is great, truly truly great"

MATT: "The land of all people, the land of different stuff"

MIKE: {laughs} Yeah

MATT: Or something like that.

MIKE: It had to be changed

MATT: It was not good at all. And, uh

MIKE: {singing} This one is great, truly truly great.

MATT: {joins in} Truly truly great... {spoken very quickly} the-land-of-all-people-the-land-of-different-stuff. Um, so the scale here, that's a tiny Strongbadia flag there, Mike. The Cheat should've been much smaller.

MIKE: Heh, that's true. The scale... We're not very consistent with our scale.

MATT: Yeah... We should make a style guide.

MIKE: You can make a style guide.

MATT: Yeah, you make one, more like.

{Mike laughs}

MATT: Um... So this is the first appearance of Strong Bad.

{Mike and Matt laugh}

MATT: Look, that's the year I was born! 1976! Thanks, Mike, did you do that on purpose?

MIKE: I think I did do that on purpose.

MATT: Awww, you guys!

MIKE: And all the action figures always cost 11 dollars and one cent, which is your birthday.

MATT: Eleven oh one!

MIKE: November 1st. Now everyone knows your birthday so maybe they'll get you presents!

MATT: Don't get me any presents guys! Uh, I always wanted you to—you didn't do a clink there. I think I even made a clinking sound effect for those two bottles and you didn't put it in.

MIKE: There's lots of—

MATT: 'Cause Mike finished this up, I remember that. I had to go out of town.

MIKE: There's no—

MATT: And Mike finished it up. Well yeah, but it clearly deserves a sound effect.

MIKE: Well there's lots of things that... You don't hear the X-Acto knife carving into Strong Mad's flesh sound that we always use.

MATT: That, that's true. This is what it sounds like. {Matt makes a gross-sounding carving sound effect with his mouth}

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