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Nice shoes.

Strong Bad Email #116

Strong Bad shows us his awesome new 'Lectric boots.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, Homestar Runner, The King of Town (Easter Egg)

Date: October 11, 2004



STRONG BAD: {singing} Ow ow ow... ow ow oww... ow ow owww... email...


Dear S to the B,
I noticed that you always have an
extra plug socket open under your
desk. Isn't there something cool you
could plug in there?
Justin Corcoran, MASS

STRONG BAD: Awww, I HATE getting these mass emails! {typing} REMOVE ME! UNSUBSCRIBE! TAKE ME OFFA LIST! {clears screen, continues typing} Well HUGE to the DORK, your timing couldn't be more perfect, as I just received my new electric boots in the mail today. Check out these features.

{Strong Bad stops typing and produces a box of 'Lectric Boots}

STRONG BAD: No fewer than 8 lights flashing at any given time! Whisper quiet, and, uh, check out that guy dancing with that hot girl. That's gonna be ME at the club {he pronounces it "cl�b", a mix between "club" and "cloob"}, and the hot girl will be The Cheat! Er, I mean, an actual hot girl! {speaking as the guy on the box} Hey there, fruit pie... the magician. Wanna dance? {speaking as the girl on the box} Yes, I would like to be your girlfriend based solely on your awesome boots.

{Strong Bad sets the box on his desk. We pull back and see that Strong Bad is wearing the electric boots, with The Cheat under the desk near the empty socket}

STRONG BAD: Alright, The Cheat, let's do this.

THE CHEAT: {cheat noises that sound like "OK!"}

{The Cheat plugs in the boots, causing the lights on the boots to come on and a loud, vacuum-cleaner-like humming to start. The Cheat puts his hands over his ears.}

STRONG BAD: {shouting over the noise} Whoa! Check out those lights! They're flashing!

THE CHEAT: {Questioning cheat noises, shouting}

STRONG BAD: {shouting} I said check out the flashing lights!

THE CHEAT: {Questioning cheat noises, shouting}

{The Cheat leaves the room}

STRONG BAD: {shouting} Hey, where are you going? Wait up!

{Strong Bad gets up and walks to follow The Cheat, until he reaches the end of his cord}

STRONG BAD: {shouting} I'm gonna need an extension cord!

{Strong Bad sits back in front of the Compy 386}

STRONG BAD: {typing, shouting} Attention all interested ladies: Please have electrical sockets installed every 5 feet before inviting me over to your apartment or dormroom. So, I guess I'm awex-

{The power goes out}

STRONG BAD: SOME IS THE REASON WHY - {typing, despite power outage} Whoa. I guess these boots suck up a lot of energy. Maybe that's what "solid state" means. I suppose I can stop typing now. {stops typing} I'm gonna need some help finishing this email without power.

{Cut to the darkened living room. Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat appear to be watching TV, and are laughing. Strong Bad walks in}

STRONG BAD: What are you guys watching?


{Cut to the TV screen, where a picture of Andy Griffith's head is taped on. Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat start laughing again}

STRONG BAD: {offscreen} You guys are watching a picture of Andy Griffith's head taped to a TV?

{Cut back to the view of the couch. Homestar walks in}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey, has it started yet? I brought some popcorn! {produces a popcorn bag containing a bottle of Mountain Dew} DANG, Strong Bad, I like your boots.

STRONG BAD: Look, I'm going to need some help finishing up this email. Will somebody give me a hand?


{Cut back to the Compy 386. We can hear that the boots are running again. Strong Sad is holding up a piece of black paper in front of the monitor, which he lowers to reveal Strong Bad's "typed" text as Strong Bad is typing.}

STRONG BAD: {typing, shouting} well, whatever your name was, the boots are back in action, and so am i. i can already tell they're gonna be a hit when i wear them to da club this weekend. the ladies can't resist flashing lights and an obnoxiously loud hum! {stops typing} Alright, Strong Mad! Go!

{The Paper comes down with Strong Mad producing the sound effect. Cut back from Strong Bad's desk to see Strong Mad holding The Cheat upside-down over the Compy 386, with The Cheat holding the paper in his hands. Strong Sad is holding the black piece of paper he used to obscure Strong Bad's text, and Homestar is wrapped in an extension cord leading from Strong Bad's boots elsewhere. A few seconds later, Strong Bad starts speaking}

STRONG BAD: Way to go, guys! I doubt ANYONE could tell the difference between a regular email and this unplugged email! Now keep holdin' it! Nobody move! Gonna be a long week!

{A few more seconds later, Homestar starts talking}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {rhythmically} I really got. I really gotta pee. I really got. I really gotta pee pee. I really got. I really gotta pee.

{Strong Sad joins Homestar}

STRONG SAD AND HOMESTAR: {rhythmically} I really got. I really gotta pee pee. I really got. I really gotta pee. I really got. I really gotta pee pee.

STRONG BAD: That is a disgusting song.

Easter Eggs

  • Click on either of Strong Bad's boots to see Strong Bad and The Cheat at Club Technochocolate.
{Strong Bad and The Cheat are at Club Technochocolate. Strong Bad dancing wearing his 'lectric boots near a plugin. The boots are making their usual loud humming noise. The Cheat is standing nearby plugging his ears with a couple glowsticks}
MUSIC: {background} All is on! Feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it! All is o-
{the power goes out}
STRONG BAD: Alright, The Cheat! Let's keep this party movin'! On to the next club!
{Strong Bad unplugs his boots and walks offscreen}
  • Click on the extension cord to see what the 'lectric boots ARE plugged into.
{Cut to The King of Town's castle. An extension cord can be seen running from a sparking plugin out a window and into the distance. A sign has been placed near the plugin reading "auxilliary food-related thing. DO NOT UNPLUG!" The King of Town is standing nearby holding a piece of paper}
THE KING OF TOWN: This electricity bill is PRETENDOUS!
  • If you wait around to the end, you can hear Strong Bad compliment everyone on their job with the "unplugged" email. If you wait longer, you can hear Strong Sad and Homestar singing a "disgusting song"

Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad started to spell the word "awexome" before the power went out, a reference to the email monster truck and Awexome Cross.
  • "Dang Strong Bad, I like your boots!" is a reference to the cartoon New Boots.
    • Note that Homestar's, The Cheat's, and Strong Bad's relative positions in these two toons remain the same.
  • The King of Town's statement about his electric bill being "pretendous" is a reference to the Strong Bad Fan Costume Commentary.
  • The "All Is On" song in Club Technochocolate is from an easter egg in for kids.
  • Club Technochocolate is a reference to the email monument.
  • The sound effect of Strong Bad's boots when he is walking is identical to that of Stinkoman's boots in Under Construction.
  • Strong Bad's boots stop making noises in the end even though the lights are flashing.
  • The way Strong Bad pronounces 'da club' throughout the e-mail is a reference to 50 Cent's hit single 'In Da Club', where he rounds off the 'u' in the word 'club' the same way.
  • Homestar singing he has to pee may be a reference to The House that Gave Sucky Treats and/or A Jumping Jack Contest.
  • The TV that had Andy Griffith's head taped to it was the TV from the old toons menu.
  • The author of this email signed it with SimCity, which is a popular city-making game series by Maxis and EA Games.
  • The Mountain Dew in Homestar's popcorn bucket is probably a reference to the email anything. It may also be a play on words (pop in a popcorn bucket).
  • "Fruit Pie the Magician" is a reference to the mascot for Hostess brand fruit pies.
  • The whole "Electric Boots" concept is probably a reference to a lyric on the Elton John track "Bennie and the Jets".
  • Solid State could refer to solid state lighting, but solid state lighting uses energy efficient Light Emiting Diodes (LEDs) rather than conventional incandecent lightbulbs. The lights look like conventional shaped incandecent lightbulbs, and a LEDs can run on portable battery power, so it seems like the boot's advertising could have been more of a lie than it already was.
    • It could also mean that the boots are not in a liquid or gaseous state, which would make them hard to wear.
  • The guy on the box has a passing resemblance to Senor Cardgage, specifically the combover, the beard, and the potbelly.
  • The contrast knob on the Compy stops working when Strong Bad addresses "all interested ladies" even though the power is still on.
  • In the Technochocolate easter egg, The Cheat appears to be plugging his ears with the glowsticks, which can give us a rough estimated location of his ears beneath all that fur.
  • The Cheat's glowsticks are references to the emails techno and monument.
  • Even though only one of Strong Bad's boots is plugged in, both boots work.
  • The King of Town's electricity bill is headed 'Lectric Bill to match the boots.
  • During the unplugged email, there are burn marks around the free socket under his desk... it seems the boots "fused" when the plug actually melted and/or caught on fire.
  • When Strong Bad holds up the box in which his shoes came, his boxing glove covers the contrast knobs, but you can still change his screen contrast through his gloves.
  • When Strong Bad attempts to voice the "Hot Girl" on the box, his voice sounds identical to that of any of the Teen Girl Squad Girls. This is logical, as Teen Girl Squad is a comic created by Strong Bad after all.
  • Although there are black marks around the extra plug under Strong Bad's desk after he blows the power, there are no marks around the plug at Technochocolate when he blows the power there.
  • If Strong Bad really wanted to finish the email, he should have just plugged the Compy into the KOT's power cord instead of his boots.
  • "S to the B" is a play on "X to the Z," the nickname of the rapper Xzibit
  • At the end of the e-mail, the 'lectric boots aren't humming.

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