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*Coach Z calls Strong Bad "[["man" pronounced as "m'n"|Strong B'd]]".
*Coach Z calls Strong Bad "[["man" pronounced as "m'n"|Strong B'd]]".
*The colored lines background previously appeared in [[Coach Z's 110%]].
*The colored lines background previously appeared in [[Coach Z's 110%]].
*The email mentions "[[pee|pee-pee]]", [[crap]], [[for brains]] and [[paunch]].
*The email mentions "[[peeing|pee-pee]]", [[crap]], [[for brains]] and [[paunch]].
*The Sawsome Jack! sticker is labeled "Awesome Sauce", from [[funny]].
*The Sawsome Jack! sticker is labeled "Awesome Sauce", from [[funny]].
*An Easter egg mentions [[Onion Bubs]]. As was the case in [[original]] and [[A Death-Defying Decemberween]], a member of the audience screams "Onion Bubs!" repeatedly.
*An Easter egg mentions [[Onion Bubs]]. As was the case in [[original]] and [[A Death-Defying Decemberween]], a member of the audience screams "Onion Bubs!" repeatedly.

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Strong Bad Email #204
watch independent videography
Fo' My Own Words!

Strong Bad talks about his very own dictionary.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, The Cheat, Homestar Runner, Shut Up Lady, Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Marzipan, Strong Mad, Bubs, Coach Z, Homsar, The Poopsmith, The King of Town, Tire (Easter egg)

Places: Computer Room, Bathroom of the Brothers Strong, The Field, Marhsmallow's Last Stand, Strong Sad's Room, The Stage, Coach Z's Locker Room, Basement of The Brothers Strong, Marzipan's House, The Movie Theater (Easter egg), Strong Badia (Easter egg)

Computer: Compé

Date: Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Running Time: 3:48

Page Title: Compy Compé



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{Strong Bad is at the Compé, this time with a Where's An Egg II wallpaper.}

STRONG BAD: {singing} Oh, people can you feel me? To e-mail me? Also, don't really try to feel me? {double-clicks on the strongabad_email.exe icon}

{"fo" is pronounced as written. Strong Bad hesitates a little when saying "Costrick"}

STRONG BAD: {typing} Course I do Cross-stitch. {rapping} You think the regular dictionary can handle all the quotient quotables I'm droppin' on a daily basis? Those dictonaries are only good for helping {cut to a scene of The Cheat in the bathroom, standing on two dictionaries, and brushing his teeth} The Cheat brush his teeth {cut to a scene outside in The Field, Homestar walking in frame right} and helping Homestar lose his teeth.


{Strong Bad throws the dictionary}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Tooth! {a giant tooth lays on the ground. Homestar leans over to look at it}

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} For something this sawesome, I had to once again call upon the finest name in names to put in front of book titles. And thus was born unto the world, {cut to a close up of the book} Count Longardeaux's Strong Badian Jerktionary Fo' My Own Words!

{Strong Bad puts a sticky note on the book}

STRONG BAD: {quickly} Or Count Longardeuax's Strong Badian talkwords for saying from your mouth, for short.

{Cut back to the Compé}

STRONG BAD: {typing} We all know the main problem with dictionaries is that there are too many words, and not enough butterscotch sauce! So I went ahead and dribble-drabbled a little boodroscotch all over it. Kinda like a frou frou dessert {cut to a slow zoom of the book on a plate, drizzled with sauce; music is playing in the background} at a chichi restaurant, restaurant.

OLD LADY: Oh, that looks sinfully—

STRONG BAD: {record scratch} Shut up, shut up, lady! The sauce makes the pages stick together—

{Cut to a scene with Strong Sad trying to read the sauce covered book, flipping pages back and forth}

STRONG BAD: which makes for way less words!

STRONG SAD: Hey, this dictionary goes straight from "crap-valanche" to "puke=valanche"!

{Cut to a close-up of the book, this time opened to the "Suffix" section}

STRONG BAD: And that brings us to the Suffix section. {each "suffix" is highlighted in turn} -valanche, -quake, -rnado, -onsoon.

{Cut to Strong Bad standing behind the butterscotch covered book}

STRONG BAD: All the great natural disaster suffixes are included!

{Cut to a sample from the book}

NARRATOR: {smoothly} This suckquake of a movie is a complete wastenado of my seven bucksonsoon.

{Diamond wipe to Strong Bad smiling in front of many colored lines, disco music playing in the background}

STRONG BAD: Now that is talking like a Strong Bad dude!

Easter Eggs

  • Clicking on "Cross-Stitch" at the beginning brings up a needlepoint picture of Strong Bad.
  • Clicking the V in the school play scene brings up a poster advertising "Yes it does".
  • At the end, click "Broodroscotch" to see some broodroscoth fall on the word. Click it again to see it disappear.
  • At the end, click "raspberry sauce" to see a scene of Homsar in Strong Badia.
HOMSAR: {holding the dictionary; his hat floats off while he speaks} Krrrrronk there, Rubbermaid, can you redirect me to the nearest Puke-valanche?
{The Tire bounces away.}
  • At the end, click "hwimswelf" to see a scene of Homestar in the movie theater.
HOMESTAR: {wearing his viking helmet} This suckquake of a movie is a total wastenado of my seven bucks-forest fire.
  • Click on the Sawesome Jack sticker to see an extension of the Family Feud scene, adding 51 points for "Onion Bubs".

Fun Facts


  • Strong Sad himself can be seen behind Pom Pom when the main characters protest that Strong Sad's "paunch smells." His body is even moving, indicating that he is saying "Yes it does."

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Real-World References

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