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Strong Bad Email #3

A writer asks Strong Bad how you can tell if someone has a stupid butt. Strong Bad explains the concept of the Transitive Butt Property.

Features: Strong Bad


STRONG BAD: {singing} Checkin' my email, checkin' my email, checkin'-checkin'-checkin'-checkin' my email. {stops singing}

Dear Mr Bad,
How do you know if someone's butt is stupid?
I mean, is there like some kind of IQ test?
Crapfully yours,

STRONG BAD: Oh, come on Tyler! Don't you remember your algebra, man? It's called the "Transitive Butt Property". And it clearly states that the "stupidity" of somebody's butt is greater than or equals to the "stupidity" of that person's head. {stupid (butt) ≥ stupid (head)} So, take our friend Homestar Runner for instance; {A very bad graphic of Homestar Runner appears on the screen.} Look at his stupid head. {stupid (head)} Look how stupid his head is. Okay, so you can easily infer from this that because he has such a stupid head that easily his butt is going to be at least as stupid if not stupider. {stupid/stupider (butt)} So there you have it.

Okay, so until next time, on a scale from one to awesome, I'm super great.

{The Paper comes down, reading "Click here to email Strong Bad"}

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Fun Facts

  • There appear to be no easter eggs in this one, other than the ability to mess with the monitor's contrast/brightness.
  • The paper at the end is shorter than in the first two SBemails
  • This is the first email ending with "Crapfully yours"

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