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The booOOMbox

The booOOMbox is the tape deck and radio shared by The Brothers Strong. Though similar in appearance, it should not be confused with the Ghetto Blastro (which has two speakers) or the extremely expensive Jam Box (which has two tape decks). Strong Bad has previously listened to his autobiography on it. It was severely damaged by Strong Bad in sibbie when he performed a pile driver (among other professional wrestling moves) on it. It apparently was repaired or replaced before Strong Sad listened to college radio on it. In unnatural, Strong Sad uses it to play back King Bubsgonzola Supreme's roar.

It seems to always be set at 1000. This would be an AM station. In radio, 89.3, the frequency of "WSBD: The Voice of CGNU", should be a lot further to the left.

The record button's symbol is red until one presses play, at which time it turns white, indicating that the record function has been disabled.

It clearly resembles a portable radio from the 1980s.

The booOOMbox made an appearance in Homestar Ruiner before it was replaced by the SeeDees.

[edit] Appearances and button variations

  • Debut: A Jumping Jack Contest — far simpler design, speaker and cassette on opposite sides, but basic look recognizable.
  • Email autobiography — the dot on the record button is there, but not red.
  • Email sibbie — no buttons visible.
  • Email radio — the record button is red.
  • Email geddup noise — no differences from previous appearance.
  • Email unnatural — the record button is red, until Strong Sad hits "play". It turns white while the tape plays, but turns red again when "stop" is pressed.
  • Email your funeral — it's on the top and bottom of other radios.
  • Date Nite — the record button is red again.
  • Homestar Ruiner — Used before releasing SBCG4AP. Removed from the final cut of the game.
  • Kick-A-Ball — the record button is red; an unlabeled cassette is inside.
  • Doomy Tales of the Macabre — Plays a recording of the other characters saying "Happy Halloween, Strong Sad!"
  • I Killed Pom Pom — Seemingly used to play a loud scary noise towards the end.
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