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Strong Bad Email #78

Strong Bad gets the week off as Homestar fills in, and discusses the finer points of frying computer parts with carbonated beverages.

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Coach Z, Strong Sad, The Cheat


{Open to Compy 386; Strong Bad is absent. Homestar Runner walks in and sits down at the computer.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hello, class. Strong Bad could not be here today, so I will be filling in. My name is Homestar Runner. {with a piece of chalk he writes his name on the screen, then erases it.} Everyone please take out paper and a number 2 pencil, and we'll begin. {Homestar types something rather random to run the e-mail program, and strangely enough, it works.} Lesson one:

{He begins reading the e-mail.}

hi Strong Bad,

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {stops reading} Um, I do believe I just told you my name is Homestar Runner. But I'll let it slide this time. {resumes reading}

have you ever made anything out of anything?
Dan from FL

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {typing} FL? Far-off Lands? Foreign Leadership Camp? Fish Lake? {stops typing} Oh, I got it. He's from Fish Lake. {resumes typing} Well, Jerome, I once made a birthday present for Marzipan out of some of my old CD's I didn't like anymore and placed them in a decorative bag. {stops typing} And then {resumes typing} I once made breakfast out of cold pizza and half and half. Oh! And one time I made a whole set of coasters out of {cut to some glasses of pink lemonade sitting on game cartridges} some old Sega tapes. And I made a pair of shoes --

{Cut to Coach Z and Strong Sad out in the field talking. Strong Sad has a Foreign Leadership Camp '91 T-shirt on. Homestar walks on wearing shoe-boxes for shoes.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {continues in voice-over} -- out of a pair of shoe-boxes.

COACH Z: Whoa, those are some fresh kicks there, Homestar!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Thanks, I know! {walks off}

COACH Z: So anyways, Reg had the ball at the top o' the key.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {typing at Compy again} But this week, I will instruct you on how to make a wet computer out of Strong Bad's computer.

{The Cheat walks on in a red outfit, but is instantly knocked off-screen when Homestar stands up.}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: First, you need a 2-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. Then get Strong Bad's computer. Apply liberally. {starts pouring Mountain Dew on Strong Bad's keyboard, a ringing noise is heard.} Oops, we're out of time.

STRONG SAD: {off screen} That's just my egg-timer!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Class dismissed! Except for you, Jerome!

{The paper comes down. The Mountain Dew continues to be poured into Strong Bad's keyboard. After around 10 seconds or so of this...}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Dang. This thing's like... the never-ending soda. {sings} Never-ending so-oda! A-a-a, a-a-a, a-a-a...

Easter Eggs

  • Click on the words "fish lake" to see a postcard from there. (Fish!)
  • To see the wonderful CD collection Homestar gave Marzipan, click on "CD"
  • Wait around at the end, it's not over!

Fun Facts

  • When you change the contrast on the Compy 386, Homestar's reflection doesn't change.
  • Homestar successfully runs the email by typing Run "", even though Strong Bad couldn't run the email with a far less obvious error in the email funny.
  • So far this is the only email without Strong Bad in it.
  • The Cheat is wearing George Harrison's Sgt. Pepper suit from The Beatles. theCheat_sgtPepper.jpg
  • If you look closely at one of the coasters, you will see one of them says "Pigs on Head" and the others are names of other Videlectrix games like, "Shploitz".
  • When Coach Z says "Reg had the ball at the top o the key" this is a reference to autobiography where Strong Bad says the same thing in his autobiography tape.
  • "Far-off Lands" is a reference to both The Yello Dello DVD, where they travel through this area.
  • Strong Sad is wearing a shirt that says "Foreign Leadership Camp '91" as in reference to when Homestar was guessing what FL was.
  • Jerome later pops up as a misbehaving kid on the Strong Bad Sings CD version of the Strong Badia National Anthem.
  • The floppy in this episode is labeled "The 7th Guest". This game was one of the first games available exclusively on CD-ROM and not really practical to put onto floppies.
  • One of the shoe boxes on Homestar's feet is from Freshley's.

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