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"It's more important that I establish what I don't want for Decemberween."
Z' ShopChan

Z' ShopChan is a TV shopping network hosted by Strong Bad and Marzipan in the Shopping Network Studio. It is shown in what i want, when Strong Bad tells what he doesn't want for Decemberween.

It heavily resembles shopping networks such as QVC.


Items Sold


Strong Bad states that ornaments are the "perennial all-star of bad awful Decemberween presents", seeing as they are presents that cease to be useful the moment they're opened, and have to be put away for another year. Marzipan describes giving an ornament as a gift as saying "I have no idea what your interests are."

Image Name Number
Commemorative Coach Z Ornament ZXJ481-78b
Eh! Steve! Soiled Gold Ornament WRT54G-Sc
Cool Snowman Surfing the Internet Ornament FR114P-dc8

Dancin' Musical Nobots

Strong Bad describes Dancin' Musical Nobots as "the kind that you accidentally activate by getting too close." He criticizes them for barely allowing users to hear the song that they are playing over the plastic gears and motors clanking together. Marzipan states that the presents scream "I stopped at the drug store on my way over."

Image Name Number
Dancin' Strong Bad Musical Nobot 3DT178-2t2
Dancin' Homestar Runner Musical Nobot unknown
Strong Bantaman is a Blademan Musical Nobot original: DLA222-2222
update: DLA222-Zf

Homemade Gifts

Strong Bad states that homemade items are all about "the false notion that just because you made something yourself, it's not a worthless piece of crap." It is also stated that gifts that are both homemade and an ornament are known as "anti-gifts", and that you actually have to pay a person who gives you one of those.

Image Name Number
Seashells b/w Office Supplies N2cXL8-42
S31 Kt Clothes Pin Reindeer – "Klibber" Kj78M-Xn45
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