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School days daze

The Yearbook Character Page was a school-themed biography page. Selecting each character brings up a short description of his or her personality and role within the group.

There is an "autographs" portion of the yearbook where some of the guys have signed "your" book for you. Their character traits are further emphasized by their comments and handwriting. Strong Sad's superb penmanship is seen here, as well as Pom Pom's phone numbers. It can be noted that Strong Mad can write, but spelling remains a hurdle.

This page marks the cementing of The Poopsmith as a core member of the group.

Page Title (picture page): Yearbook

Page Title (autographs page): This year was the best!



  • Bubs
Bubs is an entrepreneur, but he can't spell that, so let's just say he's awesome. He runs the concession stand down at the sports fields. That's why come he's so fat. He keeps eating all his profits. But then he goes out and dances all the pounds off at Disco Tech, where he attends night courses. In his spare time he has boring conversations with Coach Z and reads back issues of Motor Trend magazine.
  • The Cheat
Nobody knows what the Cheat is exactly or where he comes from but my guess is Space. He sure does like to cheat though. His personal motto, "No rule is solid" and his love of all that is untrue and incorrect keep him from accomplishing very much. He gladly does all the dirty work for the Brothers Strong, and nobody ever seems to blame the Cheat for what he done. I mean he's the Cheat. Come on. When all is said and done, and your grandkids live on Mars, the Cheat'll be doin alright.
  • Coach Z
Coach Z is a crazy man from another country that sleeps in the locker room. He's also the best hope we've got for making it to state this year. The Coach knows how to get 110 percent out of Homestar and the rest of the team. He's the master of all the big sports. You know the ones I mean. The BIG ones. Coach also claims to have been a chart topping rapper back in his home country. We'll see about that.
  • Homestar Runner
This guy is everyone's best friend. He is 2 to 3 times better than the next best person in the world. That's why he wins everything and why everyone loves him so much. he can be pretty dumb, sure, but it's just cause he's so danged nice. His main man Pom-Pom is always there picking up the slack for him. Asked what his favorite season is, Homestar responded, "Sure." You can't beat that with a stick, can ya?
  • The King of Town
The King of Town is the elder statesman of Free Country USA. He doesn't really do anything other than eat and sleep. Come to think of it, he doesn't even sleep. He only eats. And talks about eating. His reign as king dates back to before any of you were born, so don't worry about it. Also, he employs The Poopsmith for reasons no one is sure of, and he has a flock of sheep, also for reasons no one is sure of. Weird old man.
  • Marzipan
Marzipan is Homestar's girlfriend. No wait, she's not. Or she is, but don't tell her I said that. Anyway, Marzi can often be seen swimming with the dolphins in the swampy marsh or tending to her substantial herd of goats. Other hobbies include: BBQing, fencing, songwriting and oil painting (many of her paintings are laden with symbolic images). I think Strong Bad put it best when he described her as 'a dirty hippie...without the dirt.'
  • Pom Pom
Pom Pom is a pom, which means he comes from the Isle of Pom, where all 27 of his girlfriends live. He's Homestar's best friend for sure and for true. His IQ is off the charts as is his attendance. His sharp wits often get ol' Homestar out of some pretty tight jams. I don't mean to call Homestar stupid or nothin but sometimes his excessive niceness can cloud his better judgement. And Pom Pom's always there to turn that cloud upside down.
  • The Poopsmith
Here's what we know about the Poopsmith currently: He shovels crap for the King of Town. And he smells really bad. And that's it. Everything else is a mystery. Like what are those stains on his gloves? And how come he smells so bad? Homestar thinks he could be over 1,000 years old. And Strong Bad says he has crap for brains. But he's been calling everybody 'crap for brains' lately so I wouldn't give that one too much thought.
  • Strong Bad
"I cannot tell a lie. You are so stupid." That's our Strong Bad, always charmingly irreverent, always a big jerk. He tries so hard to be lowdown and rotten but usually ends up being hilarious and in last place. With the help of his brother Strong Mad and their little yellow thing the Cheat, Strong Bad does everything he can to ruin Homestar's day, despite their one-time plans to get matching tattoos. All in all, Strong Bad will spit in your food and ask for a bite.
  • Strong Mad
If anyone is truly a big lug, Strong Mad is. This guy is dumb and strong, and that's pretty much the definition of a lug. One time, his brother Strong Bad asked him to pick up this one car. And so he did, but it was the wrong car. See? Dumb and strong. He'll do just about anything Strong Bad tells him to do. One time, he asked him to pick up this one car... oh wait, already said that one. Strong Mad and the Cheat are best friends. Hi-Five.
  • Strong Sad
Strong Sad is a depressing lump. A fat, gray, elephant-footed depressing lump. But look at how cute he is. Awww. His brothers Strong Bad and Mad disowned him a while back because he refused to help them cheat. Plus they thought he was a total drag. Pretty much everybody thinks he's a total drag. But Homestar and the gang still love him even though he tends to worry too much and bring everybody down... and be a total drag.
  • Autographs
    • Sup! Wish we coulda got to know each other better this year. You're super-cute!! Gimme a call this summer. -- Pom Pom home: (123) 456-7890 cell: (123) 555-8307 pgr: (718) 555-1059
    • I sat behind you all year, but you never noticed me. Now I'll probably never see you again. Oh well. --Strong Sad
    • Stay sweet!! Don't eat meat! Kisses, Marzipan
    • You've got such great hustle. Keep 'er goin'. --Coach Z
    • Srtong Med Strng Man String Mad S.M.
    • Loser, you smell! Ha ha! No really, RHTS. --Strong Bad
    • Well, here we are... I dunno what to say. Um... see you tomorrow. Homestar Runner "2000"

Fun Facts


  • In Strong Bad's autograph, "RHTS" is an acronym popular in yearbooks of bygone decades, and stands for "Raise Hell This Summer."


  • This page seems to have the pop-up menu at the bottom.
  • On Marzipan's page, she's reading a book called "The Chronology of Moths."
  • Strong Bad's handwriting is in a different font than usual. Usually, it is in AhnbergHand.
  • Homsar is not in the yearbook since he was not considered a character at the time.
  • Homestar has a much easier time holding his breath here in the yearbook than he does in Halloween Fairstival, when Strong bad pays him to stop breathing.


Inside References

  • On Bubs's page, he is throwing around the can from "Kick the Can."

Fast Forward

  • Strong Mad's picture and some of the text is what he turns into in virus.

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