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These are the visuals for Xeriouxly Forxe.


Lyrics Visuals
Everybody! E-e-e- A lightning bolt hits Homestar Runner and turns him into "H. Star", with mechanical arms, without his hat, with teeth, and with a smaller shirt. The background turns blue.
everybody! Everybody! Cut to Strong Bad against a red background. A lightning bolt hits him and turns him into "S. Bad", with a Batman symbol on his head, a toothy mouth, and tanner skin.
E-e-e-everybody! Cut to Pom Pom against a yellow background, who gets struck and turns into "Pom", with pointier feet and hands, and a jetpack.
Everybody! E-e-e- Cut to Marzipan against a blue background. She gets struck and turns into "M.Z. Pan", with octopus-like legs, a bent neck, and free-flowing hair.
everybody! Revamped for the 90's! Cut to Coach Z against a yellow background. He turns into "Zoach C", with a bigger "Z" emblem and a visible mouth.
So much more exciting! Cut to The Poopsmith against a blue background, who turns into "The Smith" (in turn gaining his shovel, which has become a battle-axe), who resembles a dinosaur and has straighter lips.
Pointy elbows and lots- Cut to Strong Sad against a grey background, who turns into "S. Sad", an elephant-like creature.
—of lightning! Edgy and angry! Cut to The Cheat against an orange background, who turns into "Ch8t", without limbs.
So zesty and tangy! There's new- Cut to Strong Mad against a blue background, who turns into "S. Mad", with a bigger mouth and without the "M" on his singlet.
—demographics when nobody- Cut to Bubs against a green background, who turns into "Bubz", with pointier limbs.
—asked for it! Everybody! Cut to The King of Town against a blue background, who turns into "Xing Town", who resembles a vampire or a bat and has a visible mouth.
E-e-e-everybody! Right- Cut to Homsar against a yellow background. Although he gets struck, he does not change at all, and he is captioned as "Still Homsar".
—now! Cut to all of the characters in their Xeriouxly Forxe forms, with a logo reading "HSR Xeriouxly Forxe".
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