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Xeriouxly, Pom. Xeriouxly.

Homestar and the other main characters get xtreme new forms for the nineties!

Cast: Homestar Runner/H. Star, Strong Bad/S. Bad, Pom Pom/Pom, Marzipan/M.Z. Pan, Coach Z/Zoach C, The Poopsmith/The Smith, Strong Sad/S. Sad, The Cheat/Ch8t, Strong Mad/S. Mad, Bubs/Bubz, The King of Town/Xing Town, Homsar/Still Homsar

Places: The Field

Date: March 31, 2010 (around 23:00 ET)

Running Time: 0:54

Page Title: Exerybody! Exerybody!



{Homestar Runner is running across The Field. The singers sing along, as with the Intro.}

SINGERS: Everybody! Everybody!

{The scene starts to skip.}

SINGERS: Eh-! Eh-! Eh-!

{The scene skips faster before a rock version of the Intro takes over. The aspect ratio expands from standard to widescreen. During the rock intro, it shows slides of the characters. Then, lightning turns the characters into their HSR Xeriouxly Forxe forms.}

SINGER: Everybody! E-e-e-everybody!
Everybody! E-e-e-everybody!
Everybody! E-e-e-everybody
Revamped for the nineties!
So much more exciting!

Pointy elbows and lots of lightning!
Edgy and angry, so deadly and jangly!
There's new demographics
When nobody asked for it!

Everybody e-e-e-everybody!
Right now!

{The sides of the screen come together with an explosion. All twelve main characters in Xeriouxly Forxe style appear around the title "HSR Xeriouxly Forxe".}

H. STAR: {struggling, through gritted teeth} Xeriouxly Forxe! {turning around} Did I say that right?

S. BAD: {also through gritted teeth} Xhut up and juxt xay your linex! {mumbling, in Strong Bad's voice} Aw, it's really hard to talk like xhix.

{After a few moments, the viewer is redirected to Main Page 21.}

Fun Facts


Homestar and Strong Bad are BACK like you've never seen them before! Pointier, angrier, pre-teenier!! The 6-12 demographic won't know what hit em when they witness Xeriouxly Forxe, the all-new adventures of Homestar Runner and friends with a bold new look and an edgier style that just screams, "Hey 6-12 demographic! Do you know what hit you? Can you tell our focus group person that you don't know what hit you, please?" With all those X's in the name, it has to be cool!
  • This toon marked the first time in nearly five months that homestarrunner.com received a new toon, the longest hiatus to date.
  • All 12 main characters appear in this toon.
  • This is the third toon in the site to be in widescreen, and the first non-Strong Bad Email toon to be in said format (not counting Main Page 22).
  • This toon has exactly 666 frames. This appears to be intentional because the viewer is automatically redirected to Main Page 21 in frame number 645, and nothing else happens in the extra frames.
    • The Number of the Beast was previously referenced in Jibblies 2 and its teaser.


  • Except for Homsar (who doesn't change at all), every character that normally lacks visible arms gains some sort of arms (including tentacles) when upgraded.
  • Coach Z and the King of Town have gained visible mouths.

Fixed Goofs

  • After The Poopsmith is transformed, the cutaway to the next character showed The Poopsmith in non-transformed form. This was fixed within a half-hour of release.

Inside References

Real-World References

  • H. Star has Doctor Octopus-style arms strapped around his neck.
  • S. Bad has a variation of the Batman emblem on his mask.

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