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Books-on-Tape in all its glory
A mere $67?

Words I Probably Said is an autobiographical spoken word books-on-tape series by Strong Bad that first appeared in the Strong Bad Email autobiography. This series has Strong Bad describing several events in his life, including playing basketball with "Reg" and "The Deke", being romantic with "a very special lady", and laughing so hard that both milk and cookies shot out of his nose. None of the events have actually happened in real toons and may be imagined. Strong Bad plays us three samples of Tape One during the email on his booOOMbox. Strong Bad suggests that it be listened to on roadtrips. He also suggests that it be listened to on Walkmans during jogs in the park because he bets it would make people want to run faster and could even double as "one of those weight loss tapes". In fact, its double use as a weight loss tape was demonstrated by The King of Town during an Easter egg of the same email when The King of Town was practicing track and field while listening to the clip of the tape about the basketball game on his Sports Use. It later appears during garage sale on sale for $67, but it is unknown whether or not it was sold.


[edit] Transcript of the Tape Samples

[edit] First Sample

STRONG BAD: —and Reg had the ball at the top of the key, and I was all like, "I'm open! I'm open!" But somebody musta slipped him some drugs or something before the game because he didn't see me and he passed it to the Deke instead and the Deke SLAM-DUNKED IT! Oh, it was my greatest moment on the court! I was trying to high-five everyone in sight but there was a lot of commotion and excitement and... the Deke accidentally shoved me to the ground and called me a—

[edit] Second Sample

STRONG BAD: —and she was a very, very special lady. And she loved me so much and had skinny blonde hair and was always hanging out at the beach, gazing at a photo of me... Too bad when she had to go to another planet for reasons too complex to elaborate on. I'll probably never see her again. And neither will any of you.

[edit] Third Sample

"us" → "money"

STRONG BAD: —but The Cheat couldn't stop laughing and I didn't know what the big deal was until I saw the piece of paper... I just about lost it! Milk and cookies shot out of my nose! Oh! It was a great idea. And it just might work!

[edit] Tapes in the Series

The series consists of at least four white tapes; three tapes marked "Tape One" (two of them inside the cover, one of them playing in the booOOMbox) and one tape marked "Tape Three". It is unknown if the three "Tape One" tapes are all copies of each other or just incorrectly labeled. Another black tape with "Shaq-Fu" written on the tape appears with the others as well. The Shaq-Fu tape (probably the work of Shaquille O'Neal) was most likely shortened from the full title Shaq Fu - Da Return, as the name "Shaq Fu" by itself is a video game. The Shaq-Fu tape was probably already in the booOOMbox when Strong Bad wanted to put in his tape, and thus he switched them. Thus, Shaq-Fu is probably not actually part of the Words I Probably Said series.

[edit] Words on the Cover

Along with an image of Strong Bad and the text "WORDS I PROBABLY SAID" and "by Strong Bad", there are many (partially obscured) letters and words in a grey font over a white background. These words include:

[edit] Reviews

The backside of Words I Probably Said features many probable quotes from reviews by the likes of Ike Turner and Tex Arcana. The quotes are:

  • "Hootie Hoo!" - Ike Turner
  • "Hootie Hoo!" - Ike Turner
  • "A nice, smooooth drive." - Ike Turner
  • "Hootie Hoo!" - Tex Arcana

[edit] Appearances

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