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Brüe, Times Two.

Witches' Brew is a phrase that Homestar Runner happens to say a lot—although technically, it's really Strong Bad who says it first, since he's dressed up as Homestar at the time. Witches' Brew is "cold-hot-fresh", according to Homestar, who has sold jars of this for $10. It may cause the side effects of wine, women, and song, but it is drinkable, at least by the The Cheat. It does not cure hiccups, however.


  • In Pumpkin Carve-nival, the reference premieres courtesy of Coach Z's W-carved pumpkin. Homestar (Strong Bad) then makes a comment about Marzipan using her pumpkin in her "Witches' Brew," and asks Strong Bad (The Goblin) if he is supposed to be dressed as "the Witches' Brew." Also, in an Easter egg, Homestar asks The Cheat about Witches' Brew.
  • In The Show, the phrase is one of the things said when Homestar recites a list, albeit spelled as "witch's brew."
  • In Arcade Game, Homestar's tax form says he spent $2000 on "witch's brew." If sold at $10 a bottle as it would be in Halloween Fairstival, he bought 200 bottles.
  • In 3 Times Halloween Funjob, when Strong Sad tells everyone to say "Credenza" with him, Homestar says "witches' brew" instead.
  • In english paper, Homestar's screen name on the auction site is witchesbrew82.
  • In Homestar vs. Little Girl 2, Homestar asks the Little Girl what she would put in her own witches' brew.
  • In Halloween Fairstival, Homestar peddles an unknown concoction as a Witches' Brew, labeled "Brüe", an obvious reference to Mötley Crüe.
  • There is a Weekly Fanstuff of a Wisconsin License plate that says, "WCHS BRU."
  • In Halloween Potion-ma-jig, Bubs tells Homestar that his stirring utensils can be used to get a "witches' brew goin'". Homestar then proclaims, "Hey! That's my line!"
  • In Experimental Film, when Homestar peeks out of the split screen, he looks like he's mouthing "Witches' Brew."
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