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Who said what now?

Who Said What Now? is a Homestar Runner toy made by Kidelectrix. Each of the main characters has a colorful button with their picture on it; when pressed, they say humorous quotes.

This game can be found on the Handheld Games Menu.

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{From left to right, top row first}
  • The Strong Sad says, "Each day we die a little more."
  • The King of Town says, "More butter please."
  • The Strong Bad says, {singing} "Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Crap! {cowbell}"
  • The Poopsmith has taken a vow of silence.
  • The Strong Mad says, "Rrrraaaawww!"
  • The Marzipan says, "I'm the only girl."
  • The Bubs says, "Everybody wants to shake it!"
  • The Homestar says, "Now spell encyclopedia.... What? I'm supposed to what?! {embarrassed} Oh, man... I blew it real bad this time."
  • The Cheat says, {The Cheat noises; same tune as the intro song}
  • The Pom Pom says, {bubbling noises}
  • The Coach Z says, "I have more than two prablems."
  • The Homsar says, "AaAaAh, my cheese is 50 cent!"

Fun Facts


  • This game used to have a different name and design, but was later changed because of legal issues with Mattel.


  • Due to the stylistic art, there are several alterations to the standard character designs. For example, neither Homestar Runner nor Homsar has a mouth, the stains on The Poopsmith's gloves are away from his hands instead of on his hands, Strong Mad's singlet is missing its M, and Pom Pom has an extra stripe around his middle.
  • Homsar's entry has a different sound quality than the others.
  • This is the first mention of The Poopsmith's vow of silence.

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