Where the Crap Are We?

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"Here's a Twinkie!"

Strong Bad and Homestar find themselves in a mysterious blue space. Are they dead?

Cast (in order of appearance): Homestar Runner, Strong Bad

Running time: 0:39



{Strong Bad and Homestar are seen standing around in a mysterious blue space}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hey Strong Bad, could you give me a hand with this—

STRONG BAD: {interrupting} Wait a minute, shut up. Where the crap ARE we?

HOMESTAR RUNNER: I dunno. Someplace.

STRONG BAD: What're we doing here? It's like we're in Blue Fadey Land or something.

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Uhhhm... maybe this is heaven! We're dead!

STRONG BAD: Naw, it can't be heaven. There's not enough Twinkies.

{Homestar looks to his left, and produces a Twinkie from offscreen}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Here's a Twinkie.

STRONG BAD: Oh. Maybe this is heaven!

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Yeah, and it's just you and me forever!

{Strong Bad slowly turns his head toward the camera as Homestar says this. As Strong Bad speaks, the background grows red}

STRONG BAD: Wait a minute! This isn't heaven!!!

{Strong Bad flies to the left side of the screen and starts pounding on it}


{Strong Bad slides down off the bottom of the screen}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: No, you're right. I think it's Massachusetts.

{Homestar opens his mouth}

Easter Eggs

  • Click on Homestar's twinkie at the end to see Homestar use it as a telephone.

Easter Egg Transcript

HOMESTAR RUNNER: {imitating telephone} Brinnng! Brinnng!

{Homestar holds the Twinkie up to his ear}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hello? Senator Pencilface. Yes, this is Homestar. Yes sir, I can save the day! {puts the Twinkie down in midair, with a telephone click noise}

{Homestar looks to his left and lifts his leg up as if to run off, then stops and puts his leg down}

HOMESTAR RUNNER: Um...I really don't think there's a way out of here.

Fun Facts


  • The "blue fadey" (and later red fadey) background is a color fill technique known as a gradient, where the color fades along the fill area.


  • This cartoon can be found in the program Macromedia Central. Go into "Help → About Central" and ctrl-click on the "C" logo (On Mac go into "Central → About Central" and double CMD Click on the C logo). When you are given a password field, type in "sbemail" and press enter. The cartoon will then play in the about box.


  • Although this is not on the main site, the quote by Strong Bad, "Nah, it can't be Heaven. There's not enough Twinkies," was used as the Quote of the Week for June 10, 2005.

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