Where My Hat Is At?

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Where My Hat Is At?

The second Homestar Runner children's "book," and the first Homestar Runner web appearance. Homestar has lost his hat, and he can't play in the big game without it! Will he find his hat in time?

Page Title: The Homestar Runner

Fun Facts

  • This is the first appearance of Coach Z and Bubs, as well as the first and only appearance of The Umpire. Coach Z's name is spelled "Coach Zee."
  • On the image with Bubs, the page URL is hs1x, whereas the others are hs1, hs2, hs3, etc.
  • Bubs's page (hs1x.html) is between hs13.html and hs14.html. Also, if you click 'back' while viewing hs14.html, it will take you to hs13.html.
  • If you click 'next' after the last image, or 'back' before the first image, it will take you to cartoons.html, which is 404'd.

External Links

Read the book.

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