Where's an Egg?

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A renegade cop with nothing to lose and an egg on his mind

"In this hard-boiled adventure game, you must help the Boise police force find a missing egg. Not in Mancuso's garage? Try Brodermaker's gymbag. Everyone's a suspect when "Where's an Egg?" is the game that you are playing. And that's this game!!" -Videlectrix

Where's an Egg? is a game by Videlectrix that doesn't exist... yet.

Fun Facts

  • This game looks similar to the point-and-click computer game "Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure", in which a Private Investigator who has seen better days needs to clear his name when he is on the spot for murder.
  • This game is also very similar, in some aspects, to the early Carmen Sandiego games.

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