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"dag, yo"
She can count to G.
In color!!!



What's Her Face is the slightly dumpy-looking Teen Girl Squad girl. Her real name is either Virginia, Joy, or Jennifer. She does seem to have more sense than most of Teen Girl Squad, such as refusing to dive into the lion's mouth in Decemberween Teen Girl Squad, although eating "Staple Sauce" in Issue 9 is not consistent with this.

Out of the four girls in the Squad, she is the one most mistreated and ignored (this is illustrated definitively in Teen Girl Squad Issue 3). Cheerleader treats her with contempt; even though What's Her Face is the only girl in the Squad that has her driver's license (a trait highly desired by Cheerleader), Cheerleader refuses to acknowledge this fact.

What's Her Face has dabbled in music: she contributed a track to Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits, the dance hit "i think i have a chance with this guy", and played bass in Kissyboots before her bass transformed into a shark and ate her most of her.


  • She is also the only girl in the squad to wear pants.
  • According to Teen Girl Squad Issue 5, she lives at 412 S. Figgis, Mundelow, 80808.
  • Her bass-playing stance reveals she is left-handed.
  • In Issue 9, it is revealed that she dates Science Fiction Greg. This makes her the only member of the Squad to have a real (in the terms of Teen Girl Squad at least) boyfriend.
  • In Issue 6, she reveals that she is vegan.
  • She has been "killed" less than any other Teen Girl Squad character, however, she has been through a lot of emotional, physical, and fictional pain.
  • Her mailbox reads "W. Herface." Her Face may be her surname.

Pre-K Version

In her Pre-K version, she has lice and more. To her credit, she can count to g. She wears a dress instead of baggy pants.

Defining Traits

  • unpopular
  • a pity friend
  • "whatev!"
  • considers shoplifting
  • wears the same clothes
  • wants a new stepdad
  • college radio
  • lice and more
  • 24 hour diner
  • wears radacious bodadical razzberry blue
  • a spinner

Hurt and/or Killed by


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