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"Why is Strong Mad hiding under that not-originally-yellow-spotted sheet from Strong Sad's bedroom?"

Although many of the characters in the Homestar Runner Universe can be considered adults, they often make references to wetting the bed.


  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Clicking on "2. I'm trying to ruin Marzipan's..." will give you "essence of putting Strong Mad's hand in warm water when he's asleep."
  • Email road trip — It is implied that Strong Bad wets the bed.
  • Fan Costumes '06 — Strong Bad insinuates that the wearer of the last costume wet his bed.
  • The Homestar Runner Gets Something Stuck in his Craw — Strong Bad announces that he will read The Strong Sad Wets Yonder Bed next.
  • Some SBCG4AP episode I forgot the name of — Strong Bad isn't surprised that Strong Sad's bed has crinkly sheets.

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