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|- bgcolor=#eeeeee
|- bgcolor=#eeeeee
! width="200" | Image !! width="15%" | Date !! Text !! Description
! width="200" | Image !! width="15%" | Date !! Text !! Description
|- id="WF-2009-02-05"
| [[Image:Fortress_2.PNG|200px|team fortress 2 spray]] || 05 Feb 2009 || team fortress 2 spray || Custom art on a wall in the video game [[Wikipedia:Team_Fortress_2|Team Fortress 2]].
|- id="WF-2009-01-29"
|- id="WF-2009-01-29"

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This article is about the weekly updated fanstuff which began on January 27, 2004. For the older fan material in the Museum, see Fan Stuff.
Weekly Fanstuff


Weekly Fanstuff is a collection of fan-submitted Homestar Runner projects and pictures. These are viewed by clicking on the F button at the top of the Main Pages, and are generally updated on Thursdays. Here is a list of all the fanstuff appearances in 2009.

As of November 22nd, 2004, the image and text are no longer part of the Flash file.

Fanstuff can be sent to The Brothers Chaps at their email address, brotherschaps@homestarrunner.com

Image Date Text Description
team fortress 2 spray 05 Feb 2009 team fortress 2 spray Custom art on a wall in the video game Team Fortress 2.
nother bear...shark? 29 Jan 2009 nother bear...shark? An inflatable advertisement for Surfwood RV Park near Reedsport, Oregon that resembles the Bear holding a Shark.

Fun Facts

  • If you click the F button repeatedly while it is still loading, the caption will move up the box. The more times you click it, the farther the text will move.
  • Until August 9, 2007, the Weekly Fanstuff of June 21, 2007 had not been updated for seven weeks, the longest hiatus between pop-up updates on record.

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