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Old fhqwhgads robots
"My name is not Valerie..."

The Visor Robot's voice seems to be very similar to that of "Microsoft Sam" for Windows XP. He resembles The Robot. He has been known to shoot lasers out of his visor. He was also referred to as "fhqwhgads robot" in the Weekly Sketchbook for April 28, 2005 and as "Valerie" by Senor Cardgage in Senor Mortgage

Stlunko, a boss from the game Stinkoman 20X6, bears a strong resemblance to the Visor Robot.

The Visor Robot bears a resemblance to Maximillian, the evil robot from the movie The Black Hole.

Complete Filmography

Character Evolution

Visor Robot is too minor to have his own character evolution page, so his evolution will be listed here. Since his only appearances that were in the normal drawing style were Homestarloween Party and Senor Mortgage, they are the only designs that are counted.

Image Info Created Appearances What's Changed?
This is the first design. October 2000 Homestarloween Party N/A
This is the second design. June 2004 Senor Mortgage He has thicker outlines and darker colors. His shading is softer. His visor is brighter and shines.
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