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Pitfall style!
This article is about miscellaneous references to video games. For the Strong Bad Email, see video games. For the DVD-exclusive email, see Videro Games.

References to video games, especially those of the 8-bit era, are constantly being made within the Homestar Runner body of work. Since references are commonly made to Nintendo, Atari 2600, Sega, and Intellivision, those instances are listed in their respective articles. This article is a list of references to video games in general or to less common systems.

Strong Bad Email

  • homestar hair — Strong Bad goes to play "Temple of Apshai" as respite from the email.
  • video games — Taylor R. wants to know what Strong Bad would be like in a video game. Strong Bad explains that it would depend on what system he was on.
  • pom pom — Pom Pom beats Strong Bad up by kicking him into the air and 'juggling' him through several strikes, similar to a fighting game. Combo signs appear after his fourth, fifth and sixth strikes.
  • the facts — The tune Homestar Runner sings to in the Easter egg is the same tune as the intermission theme from Pac-Man.
  • secret identity — As Cara Carabowditbowdit, Strong Bad writes to Buttless in Bedstuy that she needs to play more video games.
  • keep cool — One of the pool rules is to, among other things, "press UP, A, and START" before re-entering the pool after eating.
  • 4 branches — Strong Bad uses the scoring system in video games as a simile to how Homestar's stupidity functions.
  • Videro Games — Strong Bad describes the effects of video games on children.
  • highschoolBaby Strong Bad says that he's pretending he's playing better video games.
  • modeling — An advertisement for foot cream includes the phrase "GOT STINKFOOT?". In Parodius, gaining a power-up will sometimes result in the main character saying "GOT A STINKFOOT?!" out of a megaphone.
  • Email: from work — Strong Bad says he hasn't taken his "sit in the men's room and play Tetris for an hour break" yet.

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