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Look at him go!

The Videlectrix Mascot is the pixelated mascot for Free Country, USA's #1 video game company: Videlectrix! He pops up before almost every Videlectrix game. He is also seen in the top banner of the Videlectrix website.

Appearances (and logo variations)

  • Debut: Population: Tire – The Videlectrix Mascot jogs across the screen, tripping in the middle as the Videlectrix logo pops up. He gives the 'OK' hand signal.
  • Awexome Cross – A still Videlectrix logo with the Mascot appearing on a gray screen. The Cheat in a Tire falls down to the middle of the screen, running over the Mascot. He gives the 'OK' signal.
  • Peasant's Quest Preview – The Mascot leans on the Videlectrix logo with a cigarette.
  • Peasant's Quest – The Mascot jogs across the Videlectrix logo with a sword and a shield and trips in the middle, impaling himself on his sword. His right leg lays down as the last note of the 2-bit Videlectrix theme plays.
  • 50K Racewalker – The Mascot slowy jogs under the Videlectrix logo, like your character in the game.
  • Stinkoman 20X6 – The Mascot is now a modified Mega Man sprite, jogging under the Videlectrix logo. He trips in the middle and then leans up and gives the 'OK' signal.
  • Everybody Everybody Poster
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