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"Many Green Lines!"
Vector Style training simulator at work.

The Vector Field is apparently where the Vector characters live and where Vector Strong Bad trains Stinkoman. The Vector Field is filled with green and red vectors in a grid pattern and triangular mountains in the horizon. These mountains can seemingly morph into different shapes and even form a futuristic skyline resembling that of Seattle. Occasionally, colored lines will fly through the air or a row of pyramids will appear.

Strong Bad visited the Vector Field while traveling to different dimensions in the email alternate universe.

Despite the fact that traditional vector graphics have limited color variation (usually one or two colors, but rarely more), the Vector Field has red, black, white, pink, cyan, green and blue. There's also the oddity that the vector field has filled areas, something which is fundamentally impossible with a vector display. Oddly, the limited color arrangement has no problems with Strong Bad or Stinkoman.


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