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Hi Vile.exe! I noticed you trying to add yourself to the Recent Changes Patrol. Here's a tip: Sign your username with four tildes: ~~~~ should get you Vile.exe. If you need any help, check out Introduction or drop me a line on my talk page. Homestar Coderhomestar-coder-sig.gif 01:57, 6 Aug 2005 (UTC) (Megaman Battle Network is a cool game :)

About your comment

Yes, I did know Suicune was a Pokémon, that's what I had in mind when I first created this username. Ah, so you're a fan as well. Very cool. :) Suicune64 20:11, 16 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Well Here I am HAven't got many posts .noone knows I exist sigh.Suicune 64 if you see this it means that I won,t be on this site as much as I was. Tel your friends to post.


Yesh, I dooo very much! Say do you like it? 'cuz there another wiki for MM, heres the link incase you want it. Link Bassium!

Overall magority? Are you typing the popular Green Day song? Bassium!

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