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About FireBird

Hi! I'm FireBird, a rather dashing 14-years-old male.

Whenever I have time, I watch movies and television, listen to music, read and draw pictures. I also play Dance Dance Revolution, because it's way hip.

FireBird and Homestar Runner

I have known Homestar Runner about 2½-three years. I don't have a favorite email, but I enjoy watching helium, montage, modeling, lunch special, local news, mascot, dangeresque 3, couch patch, pom pom, mile, bottom 10, and secret identity, in no particular order. My favorite character is 1-Up, followed closely by Pom Pom.

I own 22 Homestar Runner products.

FireBird and The Wiki

I first joined the Homestar Runner Wiki on February 11, 2004 (it was still with WikkiTikkiTavi then).

After waiting all summer for the Wiki to move to MediaWiki, I was excited to see the new wiki come. On April 25, 2005, I was promoted to a Wiki sysop.

I have made over 5000 edits to the new wiki. (See all edits and logs.)

Contact FireBird

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