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Place your comments, discussions, questions, or concerns here.

I hope you're not offended that I deleted the "comments" page you created. Were you a user on the old wiki? A lot of things changed around here when we installed the new wiki. All user pages go in the "User" namespace, so if you want to link to your user page, you have to link to "User:Happy", not just "Happy". You can create a subpage in your discussion page for archival purposes, but your user page cannot have subpages. To create a subpage in your discussion page, link to it like this: "User talk:Happy/subpage". Hope this is helpful. We really are glad to have you aboard. --JoeyDay 13:46, 19 Nov 2004 (MST)


Please follow the standards of welcoming. Your welcomes need to follow one of the three listed on the committee page. -- FireBird|Talk

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