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Words of Welcome and Encouragement

Hey there, HRWiki Greg. I wanted to take a moment to leave you this message. The work you put into the Strong Mad and Coach Z's Relationship‎ page has definitely not escaped our notice. It's a significant contribution! I hope you will not take it personally that it has been tagged for discussion. New pages often go through that process; it's just one of the ways we make sure the content on the wiki is kept to tip-top standards. I do think your removal of some of the more trivial entries has strengthened and focused the article, although it's future now will be left up to the wiki community at large (but please feel free to continue to improve it if you can!). I saw on your userspace that you're somewhat concerned that it may be deleted, but if it does, don't get discouraged! Your contributions so far definitely show promise, and I hope you will continue to make them! - 01:31, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

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