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Place any comments here. During conversations, please stay under the same heading. I don't want this place cluttered with headings. Thanks.

Hey, man!!

Hey, man!! -Mysterious-Stranger

Hey, dude!


lol, didn't even notice you had deleted that while I was working on it. Sorry, first time I've ever really work with a wiki. If there are militant little rules that need followed, like "don't create a temporary page for 5 minutes" I'll just back off. Sorry if that bothered you. Hopefully your ok with the finish product. I tried to base it off of the other posts.

You didn't bother me. Just tryin' to keep things straight. :)

Sorry! I had no idea there was even a welcoming committee. I'll leave that to you guys from now on :) --Southpaw018 15:27, 6 Nov 2004 (MST)

Hey, go right ahead and join if you want!

So Cool a Signature

I could help if you would like! ~Hobo|talk

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