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Hey, I'm Wheresthebrain, also known as THE LARGE. You may know me around, but probably not; there are many, many others on the internet.

I decided, instead of having one-word pages on my Wikipedia pages, I'd change it to a little paragraph and some other info. it is!



I have many quotes which I invented.

  • "When you are a failure, be creative."
  • "You know you've won in a verbal argument when the other person hits you."
  • "Violence only shows that you are too stupid to harm people another way."
  • "I don't understand it. It must be art." (I heard this from someone somewhere and I took credit for it. Ha ha!!!)
  • "Death because of old age is the happiest thing in a person's life. Death gives life meaning."
  • "Calling me 'gay' tells me three things: number one, you dislike people because they're gay, like people disliked black people. Number two, people that call others gay are often just covering up their own homosexuality. And number three, you can't think of anything better than 'gay.' So, if you have any further insults, please, try me."
  • "You cannot change the past, no matter how much you dislike it." (Once again, I heard this somewhere.)
  • "The review is much more important than the creation, but a review cannot be made accurately without a creation."
  • "You know you're old when the book you wrote is used in classrooms."




  • Soldier - overhead shooter
  • Bullet - Madness Interactive-esque shooter


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